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2018-2019 Seat Leon ST Wagon declassified

A few days before the official debut of the versatile Leon ST Spanish car company 2018-2019 Seat presented the first pictures of the car to the public.

The basis of the new items was based on the total with the Volkswagen Golf VII Variant and Skoda Octavia III Combi platform.
However, the capacity of the luggage compartment of the Spanish model was slightly less than that of soplatformennyh cars.
If you add back the rear row of seats, the luggage compartment model can take 587 liters of cargo.
While the “related” models amount of luggage up to 605 liters (from Volkswagen) and 610 liters (at Skoda).
The power range of the new 2018-2019 Seat Leon ST includes the same units that are equipped with the third 5 -door hatchback family Leon.
Petrol engines develop power from 86 to 180-ti-ti hp and diesel engines from 90 to give 184 -x forces.
In the arsenal of the new 2018-2019 Seat Leon ST will be a manual transmission and robotised gearbox with double clutch.
As an option, the Spanish car manufacturer will offer motorists all-wheel drive 4MOTION, which is equipped with the Volkswagen the Golf .

Note that the official introduction of motorists with a new wagon 2018-2019 Seat Leon ST will be held at the Frankfurt International Auto Show in early autumn this year.

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