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2018-2019 Seat Alhambra – castle on wheels

New for the Russian minivan 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra became available to domestic motorists at the beginning of the second month of summer this year, the price of 1391 rubles. Large family wagon new 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra can be attributed to the innovations of the global automotive market, but only conditionally, because the debut of the Spanish minivan in Europe took more than three years ago – in April 2010.
To understand the reasons for such a long road model to the Russian motorists, we will not, and will tell our readers about the exterior and interior of the 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra specifications, trim levels, ease of passenger accommodation and luggage inside the vehicle, provided the color options for coloring the body, tires, drives and the options proposed for a minivan. The completeness of the review will help us complement the photo and video materials, analysis of surveys of auto journalists and independent test-drive model.

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Name Alhambra MPV is deeply rooted in history and brings us to the Arabic word Kelât-al-hamrah (Red Castle), was the name of a castle built in the second half of the 13th century to late 14th century for the rulers of the emirate Granatskogo.

Verbal portrait 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra will start with the most important thing – Spanish minivan might be similar to the palace and park ensemble, but even more the car like his brother-soplatformennika family Volkswagen – Volkswagen Sharan 2-generation debut show which was held at the Geneva Motor Show the spring of 2010. But unfortunately, the German donor platform officially in Russia is not for sale. So let’s get acquainted with the appearance of the 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra, without regard to the German relative.

  • Let’s start with the car body overall external dimensions: 4854 mm long, 1904 mm wide, 1720 mm in height, 2919 mm wheelbase, 160 mm clearance (clearance).
  • The curb weight of the minivan with a driver in the five-seater version of the minimum 1790 kg, with a seven-seat cabin configuration – 1838 kg.
  • Depending on the trim level and wishes of the owner of the 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra is based on the ground tires 225/50 R17 alloy wheels Kiroa to 17 size tires or 225/45 R18 on alloy wheels with stylish design drawing Akira 18 range.

When ordering the vehicle, you can opt for a basic color Salsa red (red) – most accurately fits with the name of Alhambra Car (Red Castle), or option variants Enamel: White (White) worth 6000 rubles, metallic value of 24670 rubles – Silver (Silver) Silver Leaf (dark gray), Indium Grey (Grey), Nayara blue (blue), Night blue (blue), deep black (black) and special shade of light brown Boal for 42460 rubles.

Modern castle RV new 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra looks solid and presentable from any viewpoint. Large rectangles lampshades headlamps (Bi-Xenon headlamps with adaptive lighting as an option), a compact inverted trapezoid grille falshradiatornoy powerful bumper with additional air intake section and stylish contrast to the main body color inserts serving podiums for round protivotumanok, sloping hood with charismatic U- shaped vyshtampovki – this is a car front.

Profile Body of course shows a typical image of a minivan with a short hood, big and wide doorways, high and flat roof line, large glass area. Solidity added chrome frame glasses, powerful vyshtampovki on the lower parts of the doors and bloated wheel arches. Side 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra looks particularly impressive on the large 18 inch wheels with low profile tires 225/45 R18, like a sports minivan. Yes and compact overhangs beautifully and organically traced feed added sportiness. It is important that the optional rear side doors and tailgate Spanish minivan can be equipped with electric, but alas, the price of such pleasure is almost 46 thousand rubles.

The rear part of the body may not shine with originality and stylish design chips, but it looks strict and restrained. A huge door provides easy access to the rear compartment, large two-section dimensional lanterns lighting with LED filling stand guard security and provide excellent light indication. Even bumper complete with an insert of black plastic looks solid.
Monumental, reliability, restraint – is not a fortress on wheels.

Salon 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra meets five or seven passengers (two additional seats will cost more than 35 thousand rubles), high-quality finishing materials, correctly, comfortable and well thought-out ergonomics to detail and a huge stock of free space.

Places in the first and second row with an enviable stock of not only the width of the interior, but also the height (in the winter you can sit safely in the hat without taking the crown-to-ceiling upholstery). Even tall passengers in the second row will be a place for the feet, the benefit of the three individual seats are mounted on skids and not only able to move along the interior, but also to change the angle of the backrest.

Here are just at the location of tall passengers in the second row of seats in the third row can accommodate comfortably only children of primary school age (at the middle row of seats to push all the way back legroom in the gallery at least). For a family car is not a problem, because the replacement of trunk space is mainly used for children.

Back in the first row, sit down in the driver’s seat and look around in the cabin. A comfortable chair with unobtrusive lateral support is already in the base (fabric seat upholstery) with electric adjustment, sit comfortably and comfortably, even on a long journey. When ordering leather interior worth more than 87 thousand rubles will be electric and the passenger seat and driver’s seat memory settings will get provisions. The compact steering wheel in leather with telescopic adjustment, informative instrument panel with on-board computer screen, strict front panel and center console.

Spanish Interior minivan folksvagenovsky – Solid, high-quality and ergonomic. Bodies of driving, blocks of multimedia system and air conditioning system, buttons, knobs, switches are located conveniently and logically, to deal with all the abundance of functional equipment will not be difficult.

Standard features 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra for Russian motorists implies 7 airbags, ABS, ASR, ESC, Brake Assist, electrically lockable side doors of the driver’s seat, turning protivotumanok, sliding doors of the second row, a multimedia system 2018-2019 Seat Sound System 2.0 (USB , AUX, MP3, SD, Bluetooth, 8 columns), rain sensor, light and pressure of tires, three-zone climate control system with a control unit for the second row passengers, cruise control, electric parking brake, electric heated mirrors and LED turn signal, heated front seats.

As an option, the weight of various pieces: front and rear parking sensors, parking assistant, the panoramic roof and electric sunroof, multimedia system with color screen (navigation, rearview camera), and a lot of accessories to accommodate luggage in the cabin or on the car roof.

In conclusion, the review salon want to say about the possibilities of luggage Spanish representative of the family car. Let’s start with the seven-seat version of the van: in all places of employment in the car in the trunk can be downloaded from the 267 liters (for the blind) to 658 liters (to the ceiling), lowering the third row backrest obtain 1167 liters of luggage space, and in the transformation and the second row of seats volume luggage compartment increases to 2297 liters.

With five seats in the cabin luggage compartment boasts the ability to take on the 809 liters (shutter) to 1339 liters (loaded up to the ceiling), folding the second row of cargo volume will be about 2430 liters. It’s nice that folding chair convenient thanks to Easy Fold and with exercise can easily handle a petite woman.

Specifications SEAT Alhambra in , proposed to Russia, involve the use of folksvagenovskoy PQ46 platform familiar to Russians for Passat B6 and of Skoda the Superb . Suspension is fully independent with McPherson struts at the front and four rear linkage scheme, used electromechanical power steering and disc brakes on all wheels. For Russian buyers engine 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra is offered one only option, but what. Under the hood of the Spanish minivan employs four 2.0-liter TSI (200 hp 280 Nm), mated to a 6 DSG.

Test-drive: tandem motor and robotic gearbox with two clutch discs to easily disperse the large and heavy family station wagon up to 100 mph in 8.3 seconds, top speed of 218 mph, the claimed fuel consumption of 6.7 liters on the highway to 11.6 liters in city mode, while average fuel consumption is at 8.5 liters. To achieve these figures even with very careful handling of the accelerator pedal, it is impossible. Yes, and how you can gradually go on such a solid car with great powerful engine and fast machine. So in actual operating conditions fuel consumption in the combined cycle will be 9.5-10 liters of gasoline, and the city can jump up to 15 liters.

A car with power steering settings with qualitative feedback, the noble characteristics of the suspension (thick and collected), responsive engine downright provokes an active drive, nice and simple at the same time to operate the machine. Behind the wheel of the 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra can not believe that control virtually the bus, able to be transported seven people and luggage. Large minivan rulitsya passes turns with minimal body roll, fine and stably kept straight, like a business sedan. Prospective owners who have decided to buy a 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra, enjoy high-quality sound and noise isolation cabin (only when the speed of 120-130 mph appear aerodynamic noise) and balanced work suspension indifferent to the pits of small and medium-sized and even large size “funnel” will not have a strong challenge for the chassis.

Price 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra in Russia by 1.391 million. Rubles only at first glance seems high. Do not forget about saturated enough basic equipment, a phenomenal capacity interior and excellent technical stuffing. The list of options and a long road, but good can not be cheap cost.

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