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2018-2019 Saab 9-3 will return to the conveyor

The current owner of the car brand 2018-2019 Saab Swedish company NEVS (National Electric Vehicles Sweden) to the end of the year plans to return the model to the conveyor 9-3.
Earlier NEVS going to organize mass production of cars at the plant in Trollhättan, where assembly of 2018-2019 Saab 9-3 was carried out until 2011 th year.
However, the contract with the Chinese investor was recently signed by Qingho Investment Co.
Ltd for the construction of the new company in Qingdao city, and on the assembly line of the plant in the second half of this year will be launched assembly of 2018-2019 Saab 9-3 – first with internal combustion engines, and from 2014-th year, plans to begin production of the electric version of the model.
Note that, according to the agreement, the city of Qingdao will get 22 percent of the company NEVS total cost of 307 million dollars.

The fact that the production decided to organize it in China, can be easily explained.
According to Autocar portal, referring to the Chinese government, after a couple of years, the number of electric vehicles in the country will reach 500 thousand copies, and as the popularity of such vehicles is increasing more and more, the Swedes have a good chance to grab more market share.
However, for this they have to expand the number of the model range.
Recall that earlier 2018-2019 Saab 9-3 is available in three body styles – sedan, wagon and convertible.
The machine was equipped with petrol power units in volume from 1.8 to 2.8 liters and output of 122 -x and 255 ti horsepower.
As transmission offers 5 – and 6 -speed “mechanics” and 5 A range “machine” with the possibility of a manual gear change.

Note also that in 2010 th year at the Paris Motor Show an electric version of the Swedes presented 2018-2019 Saab 9-3 – ePower Concept with 184-strong electric motor.

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