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2018-2019 Renault Scenic – the right family car

Compact MPV 2018-2019 Renault Scenic third generation lived through the next, the second, restyled got to Russian buyers. Start of sales of the updated 2018-2019 Renault Scenic in Russia came at the beginning of this summer – cars appeared in showrooms official dealers of June 6, at a price of 818 000 rubles. We offer our readers to carefully read the updated exterior and interior of the French bestseller (on the photo and video materials in the article), complete specifications, color options, kitting filling options, providing comfort and safety of the cabin occupants.

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As an introduction offer to recall the history of the model 2018-2019 Renault Scenic. The first generation of the minivan were produced from 1996 to 2003, the second generation 2018-2019 Renault Skenik produced from 2003 to 2009. Third, the current car generation is available from April 2009, and four years of production has managed to survive the second restyling. With the new compact minivan appearance was officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show in , the company he was 2018-2019 Renault Scenic XMOD – minivan with increased ground clearance and plastic underbody protection as if the crossover.

“Off-road” version of the minivan only looks menacing, but in fact has a drive only the front wheels. As an assistant for driving on slippery roads used Grip Extend system with three modes – Road (traffic as usual), Loose Ground (smooth vehicle response to pressing the accelerator and brake pedals) and Expert (imitation differential lock). That’s only officially 2018-2019 Renault Scenic HMOD will not be sold in Russia, and so let us brief information.

Let us return to the civilian version of the family minivan 2018-2019 Renault Scenic and consider the car is called the wide-eyed.
Outside view of the French company machines in a family-style – with an expressive front of the body, decorated with large shades headlamps, a large 2018-2019 Renault diamond logo bumper with stylish décor, an organic light-emitting diodes in the form of strip of daytime running lights, round protivotumanok and chrome inserts with bizarre twists. It looks modern and cars in front, as expected, with a slight touch of French charm, the apparent simplicity of the lines decor accents correctly, and most importantly – to taste.

Profile of a minivan with smooth lines and contours gently convex side surfaces of the wings and doors, compact overhangs, sophisticated falling aft roofline and stylish back with a vertical surface of the tailgate.

Forage car looks impressive thanks to the original L-shaped racks marker lamps, amazingly thin inscribed in the rear roof pillars. For practicality meets a large rectangular tailgate, deep part of the recess on the bumper of a compact and provides easy access to the trunk with a low floor height.

New 2018-2019 Renault Scenic is much more like a hatchback than a utilitarian minivan, so focused and compact car seems. As soon as the body produces high class cars.

  • External dimensions 2018-2019 Renault Scenic are as follows: 4344 mm long, 1845 mm (with mirrors laid out in 2077 mm) in width, 1675 mm in height, 2703 mm wheelbase.
  • Wheels with tires 205/60 R16 on steel or alloy wheels 16 are arranged around the perimeter of the radius of the body, the width of the front track 1546 mm, rear 1547 mm length of the front overhang – 885 mm and 757 mm rear all.

Do not be amiss to point out that the body of the car seriously adapted to heavy Russian conditions: the engine is prepared to run at low air temperatures, Stone Chip conducted additional underbody protection and anti-corrosion treatment of body parts, reinforced suspension and increased ground clearance of 160 mm.

  • When buying a French compact minivan are available car in one of the nine color options offered: the base – white ice, over white, platinum gray, gray Cassiopeia, beige, aquamarine, garnet, chocolate and black require a surcharge of 11,000 rubles.

The main difference between the passenger compartment of the new 2018-2019 Renault Scenic from dorestaylingovoy model – it is possible to order as an option for 25 thousand rubles advanced infotainment system R-Link (color touch 7-inch screen, navigation Carminat Tom Tom, audio CD MP3 USB AUX and Bluetooth) and Visio System by 2018-2019 Renault (monitors road markings and warns of the intersection of the centerline and also manages the switching of headlights) for 15 thousand rubles.

The color TFT- display dashboard Stability with an assistant at the start of the hill, ABC, front, front side and curtain airbags, cruise control, fog lights and daytime running lights (LEDs) are present as basic equipment Authentique equipment, air conditioning, central locking, heated front seats, keyless entry, power mirrors heated, and stereo system with disc player, inputs for USB, AUX, Bluetooth.
In a more advanced configuration will be added Expression rear parking sensors, automatic handbrake, leather trimmed steering wheel and handles the transmission, light and rain sensors, dual-zone climate control.

Interior minivan cozy and comfortable, able to convenient placement of five passengers including the driver. With his workplace and look around in the cabin, and then sit down at the second row and take a look in the trunk of a new 2018-2019 Renault Scenic .

Chairs of the first series with unobtrusive lateral support provide a comfortable fit and a wide range of adjustments, stylish steering wheel with a puffy rim pleasure lies in your hands and can be adjusted in height and depth. The dashboard is pleasantly surprised by the high information content and excellent readability in spite of the non-traditional accommodation in the center of the dashboard, flowing lines of the front panel, good placement of music and air conditioning control units (that’s only tiny and accurately hit the male fingers hard button), shift knob in the right place on the highest podium. The first row produces a very good impression, sit comfortably, great review and it’s nice cozy home.

In the second row there are three individual seats capable of independently moving skid along the interior and change the angle of the backrest. Area overhead, the width of the leg and sufficient, but with the proviso that seats moved back to the stop. Never mind that the size of the boot thus reduced to 437 liters, but sit comfortably. It is certainly possible to move the seat forward and increase the amount of luggage up to 524 liters, but the children sit in the rear seats. Options rear of transformation salon mass chairs can be moved, added or even removed from the passenger compartment by increasing the volume of the luggage compartment of up to 1500 liters. To accommodate the small things in a minivan interior provides a great variety of boxes, caches, glove compartments and other places. For carrying long loads backrest of the front passenger seat falls forward, which allows you to load items up to 2508 mm.

The quality of materials (soft plastic, fabric), conscientious assembly elements of the interior and decent noise isolation cabin (even at speeds under 150 mph, you can talk to a floor vote) says that we in the European car salon.

Specifications 2018-2019 Renault Scenic : redesigned minivan for motorists Russia offered with two petrol four-cylinder engines:

  • The 1.6-liter 16 cl. (110 hp 151 Nm of torque) with a 6 speed manual will provide acceleration to 100 mph for 12.6 seconds and top speed of 185 mph car weight from 1395 kg. Claimed fuel consumption in a mixed mode of about 7.5 liters.
  • The 2.0-liter 16 cl. (138 hp 190 Nm of torque) with the CVT is capable of 10.6 seconds to disperse the minivan curb weight 1500 kg to the first hundred, the maximum speed of 190 mph. Passport gasoline consumption in the combined cycle of about 8 liters.

Feedback from owners in real operating conditions fuel consumption is slightly higher and amounts to 8-8.5 liters to 1.6-liter engine and 9-10 liters for the more powerful 2.0-liter engine.

It is a pity that Russia is not supplied diesel engine for 2018-2019 Renault Scenic . 1.5-liter dCi (110 hp) mated to a 6 automatic transmission offered in neighboring Ukraine. In the opinion of the owners of motor paired with a gun, though slowly disperses minivan to hundred for 13,4 seconds, but it can go a maximum speed of 180 mph. At the same time by careful handling of the accelerator pedal diesel fuel consumption in a mixed mode of motion is about 4,8-5 liters, while in the urban heavy traffic no more than 5.5-6.0 liters.
Suspension front independent MacPherson struts on, behind a semi-dependent beam on torsion, disc brakes, adaptive electric power steering.

Test drive 2018-2019 Renault Scenic : French minivan impresses typical German golf class cars. Suspension concentration and exhibits elasticity on the one hand and high energy consumption on the other. On the irregularities of small and medium-caliber running do not even pay attention, leveling them with equanimity, large holes in the cabin will respond thud, but the suspension is not affected. Of course, do not need to specifically boost the trenches, but the suspension is commendable.
This new 2018-2019 Renault Scenic perfectly holds a straight line and barely perceptible roll in cornering. All is fine, but there is one drawback to handling. The electric power steering allows you to rotate the steering wheel with one finger, but the feedback is poor management of artificial and practically devoid of clear communication with wheels.

The price of the new 2018-2019 Renault Scenic in Russia will start from 818 thousand rubles for a minivan with a 1.6 liter engine and 6 speed manual in the initial and not poor equipment Authentique. The cost rises to 967 thousand rubles for the 2018-2019 Renault Scenic with a 2.0 liter engine and CVT in saturated bundling Expression. If you wish to order and buy the system R-Link, a panoramic sunroof and other options, the price of the French compact minivan will be more than 1.1 million rubles.

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