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2018-2019 Renault Sandero

2018-2019 Renault Sandero, 2008 Photos

The new generation of 2018-2019 Renault Sandero can, in the end, prove to be even cheaper than originally stated by the manufacturer.
There is evidence that the value of the budget hatchback in Europe, where it is also proposed under the Dacia brand, will not exceed 9 ti thousand euros.
The debut of new items planned for the autumn motor show in Paris.
Built on the platform of the Logan sedan, hatchback 2018-2019 Renault Sandero has already passed the road test.
Photospies, filmed novelty, say that the car has the front part of the design in the style of a crossover Duster obscheplatformennogo that provide him with even greater awareness.
Concerning the powertrain, their lineup will likely remain the same.

2018-2019 Renault Sandero, 2008 Photos

With regard to size, the hatchback 2018-2019 Renault Sandero should increase.
This is a small upgrade B0 platform.
It is also known that the company intends to maintain the status of the budget for a hatchback car.
As already mentioned, the French want to keep the price of the Sandero within a 9-ti thousand euros.
At the same time, the portal to Autocar predicts that the price will probably be somewhat lower.
And, as an example, it is still the same Duster crossover, which is planning to sell the British Isles as low as 10 ti thousand pounds sterling (about 13 thousand euros), but in the end, the initial cost of the crossover was 8995 pounds (11 5 thousand euros).

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