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2018-2019 Renault has brought to our collection of Scenic

Sixth June throughout the 2018-2019 Renault dealer network in Russia started selling Scenic Collection made ​​in the design of a new style of Lawrence van den Acker and equipped with the new R-Link multimedia system.

The French brought to market our compact van, made in the new corporate style of the brand, which, in turn, tries to instill in her current chief designer Lawrence van den Acker.
Of course, it’s not necessary to speak about serious design metamorphosis, for the time-scale changes have not yet come, however, when you consider what is usually 2018-2019 Renault restyling, upgrading can be called and the current “lift.”
It is unlikely appearance of cars in will please serious prospect’s eyes, as the metamorphosis is not so noticeable.
Here are the pros traditional model – the old.
In this case we are talking about quite a large internal space, a lot of options of interior transformation, the three individual seats in the second row, which can not only add, but also move in the longitudinal direction.
No change compared with machines collection also did not happen, at least not yet.
Toward the end of the year customers will be able to get a car with a new multimedia R-Link complex, but at the moment buyers are only available Scenic from the previous Media, consisting of built-in navigation TomTom and intellectual systems of video Visio System by 2018-2019 Renault, which provides an additional level of safety and comfort .
With regards to the latter it is worth mentioning that it works with built-in video camera located behind the rear-view mirror.
And its main functions are monitoring the marking (the driver a warning beep in the event of involuntary crossing of lines) and automatic switching of headlights from high beam to dipped, in the case of oncoming vehicles.
The complex security systems as the number of ESP with help function at the beginning of the movement is on the rise.

In the Russian market version Scenic c engines of 1.6 and 2.0 liters with manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission.
The cost model in this case starts with a mark of 818 thousand rubles.


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