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2018-2019 Range Rover Evoque will receive a new “automatic”

The German company ZF is currently busy developing a new gearbox for the crossover 2018-2019 Range Rover Evoque.
It is planned that the new 9 A range automatic transmission will be a couple of years on a new generation of models.
As stated by representatives of the ZF, the new “machine” in conjunction with the upgraded Start-Stop system will make it possible to reduce fuel consumption by 16 percent when compared to the current model with a 6 A range automatic.
In addition, the new mission will allow to improve dynamic performance 2018-2019 Range Rover Evoque.

Car version with 190-strong engine is expected to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 7 seconds.
The current crossover with 6 A range “automatic” overclocking up to the first “hundred” need time to 1.5 seconds longer.
Perhaps the British company also equip 9 -skorostnoy automatic transmission “charged” version of crossover 2018-2019 Range Rover Evoque, which is already half-way to the conveyor.
In addition, it is possible that this mission will go to “adopt” some Jaguar models.

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