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2018-2019 Porsche Mission E will be serial in 2020

Draft electric sports car 2018-2019 Porsche Mission E years approved by the leadership of 2018-2019 Porsche AG German company, and get approval for the release of the first production version of the electric vehicle 2018-2019 Porsche Mission E. True, it will happen no earlier than 2020. The official premiere of 2018-2019 Porsche Mission E Concept took place in autumn Frankfurt Motor Show, where the German prototype created a furor with its stylish and original design, modern and highly functional interior, modern platform, which implies using only the electric motors. In our review, photos, videos, specifications and the estimated price of the new 2018-2019 Porsche mission E. According to preliminary estimates, the production version of the German electric car will cost at least 120 thousand euros.

The design of the exterior body of the new 2018-2019 Porsche Mission E emotional and sporty multiplied by the traditional German image of stylish sports cars, ranging from the 2018-2019 Porsche 911 and 2018-2019 Porsche the Panamera , 2018-2019 Porsche hypercar ending 918 Spyder.
All-LED headlights, LED rear light garland, flocked to the monumental hood bumper, wheel arches huge boulders, capable of offering a low-profile rubber on 21-22 inch disks made of carbon fiber spoilers, diffusers, an aerodynamic body kit, a neat dome roof, typical of a sports car feed with a curvy shape, opening frameless door (the door of the second series of open counter-movement), the lack of B-pillar. In a word, gorgeous four-seater sports car with premium, and even on electricity. Body Mission E, by the way, is made from a combination of steel, aluminum and carbon fiber parts.

Interior of the new 2018-2019 Porsche Mission E with four separately mounted bucket seat, a simple and austere architecture of the front panel and center console, with modern equipment. Control main and auxiliary functions of the new electric vehicle by using multiple touch screens mounted on the front panel and center console, instrument panel with five huge dials are arranged in a semicircle behind the steering wheel. All screens work based on OLED technology (organic LEDs) perceive not only touch, but also gestures … dashboard can even monitor the driver’s eyes, and, if necessary, adjust the picture. The car is deprived of the usual rear-view mirrors and equipped with rear-view camera, camera images are projected onto the lower edge of the windshield.
The large size of the wheelbase and open counter-movement back doors provide a solid reserve space in the electric car salon and facilitate maximum landing. Materials and finishing equipment 2018-2019 Porsche Mission E basic kit promises a high level of premium: perforated leather, aluminum and carbon fiber, four-zone climate control, electric seats all with heating and ventilation, a huge touchscreen tablet multimedia system.

Specifications 2018-2019 Porsche Mission E Concept. German electric car manufacturer is declared as All Wheel Drive Dual Motor Electric Sports Car (electric sports car, two electric motors and four-wheel drive).
So in the presence of a pair of electric motors with total capacity of more than 600 hp, all-wheel drive system with variable thrust vectoring and polnoupravlyaemoe chassis. The batteries are installed under the passenger compartment floor. Battery Charging can be done in several ways: Inductive charging (wireless charging) port for innovative charging 800 volts allowing just 15 minutes to charge the battery to 80%, and also the port at 400 volts.
When fully charged, the German electric car can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in just 3.5 seconds and from 0 to 200 mph in 12 seconds, power reserve of more than 500 km. Indicators are not phenomenal, for example, the American serial Tesla Model S P85D with three electric motors rated at more than 690 power shoots up to the first hundred in just 3.2 seconds and can accelerate to a top speed of 248 km cruising range, however, a little less than 400-475 km .
Manufacture of the first production electric vehicle 2018-2019 Porsche according to preliminary information will start in 2020 on new production facilities in Zuffenhausen, Germany.
Manual 2018-2019 Porsche AG on Mission E project allocates more than 700 million euros.

2018-2019 Porsche Mission E test video

2018-2019 Porsche Mission E photo

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2018-2019 Porsche Mission E Photo Salon

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