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2018-2019 Peugeot 4008

One of the most popular stands at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012-th year, 2018-2019 Peugeot has exposure.
French carmaker to celebrate just two absolute premiere – the new crossover 4008 and 208 city car that is fully ready for serial production.
However, the main hero of the French company it has become stylish crossover 2018-2019 Peugeot 4008. It was created in cooperation with the Japanese company of Mitsubishi .
The car received extensive multimedia capabilities.
This and numerous connectors for mobile devices and regular hard drive media center with a 40 Gb.

2018-2019 Peugeot 4008 – a true all-wheel drive crossover, while he kept the best traditions of the 2018-2019 Peugeot.
It is not only practical but also very stylish.
4008-D has the lowest in-class performance of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
According to representatives of the French car manufacturer, these three key aspects make the new product is very attractive for our motorists.
In addition to these qualities, the French gave 2018-2019 Peugeot 4008 SUV of the abilities.
The car is equipped with all-wheel drive transmission with a locking center differential.
At the same time, confidence on the roads added intelligent systems.
For example, an assistant at the start of the downhill.

2018-2019 Peugeot 4008 sales expected to begin in a month after the world premiere – in April.
The crossover is equipped with rear-view camera, touch screen with navigation, central locking with remote control, climate control, 18-inch wheeled drives.
Buyers 2018-2019 Peugeot 4008 has a choice of 4 -x powertrains.
This 2 petrol engines and two diesel.
The petrol engine of 1.6 liters delivers power to 116 horsepower.
It is equipped with a 5 -speed manual transmission.
The second petrol power unit has a capacity of 2 liters and output of 150 horsepower.
He goes in tandem with either a “mechanics” or a variator.
Diesel engines have a volume of 1.6 and 1.8 liters.
Power 112 and 150 horsepower respectively.
Both diesel engines come with a 6 -speed manual transmission.

The driver can choose one of three four-wheel drive control modes.
In 2WD mode – 2018-2019 Peugeot 4008 becomes a front-in 4WD Lock modes and torque is electronically distributed along the axes.
Suspension from the 2018-2019 Peugeot 4008 with anti-roll bars: Front – “MacPherson” strut, rear – “mnogoryichazhka”.
All disc brakes and electric power steering.
Price for 2018-2019 Peugeot 4008 begins with a 29-ti thousand dollars.

Specifications 2018-2019 Peugeot 4008 2.0 Crossover.

* The length of the car – 4340 mm.

* The width of the car – 1769 mm.

* Vehicle height – 1625 mm.

* Wheelbase – 2670 mm.

* Curb weight – 1425 kg.

* The volume of the fuel tank – 60 liters.

* Engine capacity – 1998 cm / cu.

* Engine power – 150 hp at 6000 rev / min.

* Torque – 197 Nm at 4200 r / min.

* The maximum speed – 198 km / h.

* Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h – 11 seconds.

* Average fuel consumption per 100 km – 7.9 liters.

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