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2018-2019 Opel Junior prepares Fiat 500 rival

Car OPEL partially hidden under the veil, but the prototype features similar to the recently introduced iskiz present partial masking of headlights, fog lights located in the bumper.
Autocar is the three door.
There is information that the length of the new cars of 370 cm. A little bit more than the direct competitor FIAT-500, which extends to 354sm.
Shop OPEL is more capacious than the Fiat and will differ a wide range of design options-savings are not expected.
According to Nick Reilly, head of GENERAL MOTORS EUROPE, new car OPEL made to increase the representation of the world market.

Novelty an affordable price.
The car is equipped with a 3-cylinder engine of low power, providing low fuel consumption.
It is assumed that in a few years will be released to the motor Junior.
Ideas from OPEL scale.

On the German market is planned to bypass Volkswagen.
And Junior is one of the variants of these plans.
The global public new OPEL Junior will be presented in 2012: in March, or at the Geneva Motor Show, in September or at the motor show in Paris.
Junior will start in 2013. Serial production of the year, so save up money or credit is made out in the car.

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