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2018-2019 Opel Astra has received a new engine

2018-2019 Opel Astra family acquired a new power unit. Turbocharged 1.6-liter SIDI engine series is already equipped with a large convertible Cascada, Astra and in the family, he will replace the current 180-strong engine of the same volume.

This unit with an aluminum cylinder block has a capacity of 170 hp and develops a maximum torque of 280 Newton-meters.

In this case, motorists will have to put up with a decrease in power by 10 horsepower.
However, this loss will be offset by the increased torque.
The new engine produces 50 Newton-meters more than the previous unit.
This, of course, reflected in the dynamic performance of the car.
For example, a 5 -door 2018-2019 Opel Astra with this engine is now on acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour takes 0.3 seconds less time than before.
However, fuel consumption is unchanged at all the same 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

The new engine will be equipped with all the options 2018-2019 Opel Astra, including wagon, sedan and hatchback.
Together with them can work as a manual 6 -speed transmission, and 6 A range “machine”.

Already announced and cost trends for some European countries.
For example, for the German market 5 -door car with a new power unit was estimated at 23,385 euros.

Note that with the change of the engine model is not risen, and prices dropped.
Before this 2018-2019 Opel Astra costing customers more expensive by about one thousand euros.

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