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2018-2019 Nissan Qashqai

2018-2019 Nissan Qashqai is a compact station wagon with high cross, he 20-inch ground clearance and optional all-wheel drive with the connection.
If we look at the car from a consumer perspective, it is interesting to those who golf class already passed, but to the average, in our understanding, the SUV is not yet mature enough.
He is a real crossover, ie a car built on the intersection of classes and absorb the best from both the one and the other.

The first evidence of betweenness Qashqai are size, it is really a small Japanese company has placed his creation in the butt between compact crossovers and hatchbacks of class C. The interior is not original, and clearly.
No, that’s it done correctly, the style fits into the overall shape of the car, as they say – without a hitch, without a hitch.
But in fact – it is not original works, and vice versa – a quote.

From Japanese experts have all been waiting expression, but not servile copying of German totalitarianism vechnonarodnogo Volkswagen.
Inside, quite a lot and the front and rear seats.
There is such an option, as the panoramic roof.
2-liter engine is a very good dynamics, it provides quite enough subcompact crossover.

Advanced driver certainly pull in more, but 11 seconds to 100 km / h – even quite a decent result.
At the same time in the second hundred cars goes smoothly and easily, gearbox responds to the actions of the steering, though slowly, but without significant gaps and pauses.
No less successfully set up and chassis.
The suspension is clamped, but taking into account the high center of gravity of the crossover, it has sufficient smoothness.

AWD Qashqai system is implemented using electromagnetic coupling.
True ago passed for about 50% of traction. The Qashqai is equipped with disc brakes, which undoubtedly gives confidence motion.
The lower part of the bumpers and moldings on the unpainted door that is quite important in the Russian context.
However, even with such a set, like any other SUV, the Qashqai will not get the main role of conqueror of off-road.
He forces on rough country roads, urban roads and snow-drifts in the yard.

Surprising navigation system, it is located in the center console on the 7-inch screen and shows fairly accurate coordinates.
The car attracted by the fact that we have valued more than the declared dynamic or off-road qualities.
It is nicer and cheaper than many of its competitors.

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