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2018-2019 Nissan Leaf

As stated by representatives of the Japanese motor companies 2018-2019 Nissan Leaf should be the first affordable electric vehicles en masse.
The car is positioned as a family, but given it modern trends and customer preferences, engineers have worked on reducing aerodynamic drag.
Therefore, the body turned slightly “sleek”.

Interior complements the look of the car.
Soft lines of seats and dashboard “resonate” with the smooth curves of the body.
Even more unusual form of steering wheel and gear selector original form correspond to the general design idea.
Lithium-ion battery feed 109 “horses” of the electric motor.
Provided 2018-2019 Nissan Leaf is capable of full charge to drive about 160 kilometers ti.

Integrated into the car information system keeps track of the next charging station.
Interestingly, the batteries in the 2018-2019 Nissan Leaf can feed in two ways.
The first – the usual for a full charge from the mains voltage of 200 volts is required 8 hours.
And if you need to travel more than 160 kilometers of ti, then not to make long stops on the way, the developers have provided another way to charge the batteries.
It takes only 30 minutes of time, and the batteries are charged to 80 percent.

“Voice” motor became a separate topic for debate.
The fact is that at low speeds, 2018-2019 Nissan Leaf moves almost silently.
So engineers had to add an artificial motor sound.
Expert 2018-2019 Nissan Motors Company on noise and vibration argues that the development of “voice” for electric vehicles in the company lasts for more than 3 years -x.
At the same time engineers specifically moved away from the traditional sound of the petrol engine.

Noise installation in 2018-2019 Nissan Leaf starts automatically and switches itself off at high speeds, when the engine itself works quite loud.
The price of 2018-2019 Nissan Leaf starts from 50 ti thousand dollars.
This car must have insurance in case of travel to foreign countries.

Technical characteristics of the electric 2018-2019 Nissan Leaf.

* The length of the car – 4445 mm.

* The width of the car – 1770 mm.

* Vehicle height – 1550 mm.

* Ground clearance – 160 mm.

* Wheelbase – 2700 mm.

* Curb weight – 1525 kg.

* The volume of the luggage compartment – 330 liters.

* Engine power – 109 hp at 9800 rev / min.

* Torque – 280 Nm at 0 – 2730 rev / min.

* The maximum speed – 145 km / h.

* Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h – 11.9 seconds.

* Drive – front.

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