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2018-2019 Nissan Cima

2018-2019 Nissan has returned to the Japanese domestic market name Cima.
Under this name in Japan appeared elongated version of the hybrid sedan Infiniti M35h, which was originally developed for China.
His presentation was held in the spring at the Beijing auto show.
At the time, 2018-2019 Nissan Cima sedan was the main competitor of Toyota Crown Majesta.
Since 1988 th and 2010 th year the company sold approximately 280 thousand copies of this model.
Already at the end of May this year, a new generation of 2018-2019 Nissan Cima, which is positioned as a class “lux” midsize sedan in Japanese dealerships.
Through the use of the platform of Infiniti M35h, in the version number of the car provides rear passengers increased by 10 centimeters of space for the Chinese market.

In addition, it offers a powerful multimedia system with two screens of 7 inches, and seats with heating and ventilation.
From Infiniti to 2018-2019 Nissan Cima went well and the power plant Car nissan.
The new sedan is equipped with a petrol engine of 3.5 liters and an electric motor.
The total capacity of the plant is 360 horsepower.
Transmission – 7 -speed automatic.
The car is equipped with all relying, but class standards, safety features and options, including cruise control and control over the layout.
Sales of new products launched in Japan in late May at a cost of 69 to 78-ti -th thousand dollars.
The company does not expect the impressive sales, according to them, the owners of the new 2018-2019 Nissan Cima should get about a thousand people a year.

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