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2018-2019 Nissan Altima

In the United States, 2018-2019 Nissan’s factory began mass production of the new generation Altima sedan.
The company said that the new 2018-2019 Nissan can affect the position of the leaders in its class, and first of all it refers to the best-selling Toyota Camry.
In our country, the sedan can generate interest as a potential “heir” of the current 2018-2019 Nissan Teana.
On the North American market Altima holds a strong position.
According to official statistics in 2011-th year model confidently bypassed the Honda Accord and Ford Fusion in sales quantity, losing the lead only Toyota Camry – 295,790 models against 337,094 copies Camry.

With the start of series production of the latest generation 2018-2019 Nissan Altima in companies are hatching ambitious plans Camry final offset with a leading space.
As said Bill Krueger, vice president of the American division 2018-2019 Nissan, the new generation is not only the most innovative model in Altima history, it is also possible to take a sample of the quality in its class.
In the United States the car will be offered in two variants of equipment – 4-cylinder 2.5-liter engine to 182 horsepower, the cost of 21.5 thousand dollars.

The second option – a traditional 6-cylinder 3.5-liter engine, which develops power of 270 horsepower.
This 2018-2019 Nissan Altima is offered for 25,300 dollars.
It is worth noting that at this very plant in Tennessee produce electric 2018-2019 Nissan Leaf, and in the near future there will begin production of a new generation of the Pathfinder SUV.

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