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2018-2019 Mitsubishi Lancer X

If the previous generation 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Lancer purchased as a cheaper option, the current generation is selected as a welcome.
It should be noted that the Lancer is generally prettier, he was completely different.
First of all – design for the 2018-2019 Mitsubishi – it is a real breakthrough.
Updated Lancer X – looks, moves and perceived completely differently, and even the emblem of X, indicating the number of 10 in the lead generation model looks very symbolic.

Lancer So we have not seen.
Dynamic, fighting with the profile of this type of vehicle triggers the race, even when you have not got behind the wheel.
The machine looks very stylish, aggressive and sports, attracting the attention of customers.
In another way, it was impossible, on all sides were coming competitors, and literally on all car markets, apart from our own, the previous Lancer was an outsider.
That’s why 2018-2019 Mitsubishi’s needed breakthrough.

Previously, 2018-2019 Mitsubishi led the French design specialist, then came and took his Lancer as it seems now – present, thoroughbred stallion.
Externally, the Lancer 10 features a smooth shoulder line, without sharp bends and strokes, as well as 16-inch wheels, an interesting shape, which perfectly fit into the overall vehicle appearance.
Overall, the car has received a rapid silhouette due to the aggressive headlights lines converging to the grille, large and causing the spoiler on the boot lid and highly battened down the stern.

If the appearance of overgrown with gossip and rumors of similarities with the Volvo, the interior is no longer the spirit of cheapness and total economy as before.
Shop – it is almost a clone of the Outlander the XL , of course with a little more simple, but good materials.
Reflections savings still occur, such as buttons, windows nepodsvechivayuschihsya.
Three-spoke steering wheel falls perfectly to hand, the location of the buttons and switches so that you can enjoy them with your eyes closed.
A control unit is climate-control with pleasant rubberized knobs, it can be confidently called a benchmark in the class.

Behind it sits comfortably in the shoulder enough room for three.
A large wing on the trunk lid made it to the rear.
The trunk is very small – just 315 liters.
Ground clearance is not particularly large, and quite large overhangs.
Due to the sports body kit should be especially careful when driving “speed bumps”, and on bad roads.
Lancer X in the most expensive version can be confused with what some incredibly powerful and sporty car, but with the sport it unites only aerodynamic and rather heavy wheel.

And it’s not even in the motor, because under the hood installed a 2-liter power unit delivers 150 hp
Handling the machine is very good, the chassis is perfectly modified and behaves very adequately in all conditions.
Impression spoil the tire, wheel size 205/60 R16 – not suitable for sports car.

Aggressive design, low body kit and large rear wing, bold strokes and lines – all this already with 2-liter Lancer X, as well as a powerful engine, it is “normal”, 150 horses, which strongly pull the car with manual transmission.

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