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2018-2019 Mitsubishi ASX Crossover

2018-2019 Mitsubishi ASX Crossover from birth raised questions.
Like both handsome and hefty trunk and ground clearance, as they say, that it is necessary … But still something was missing.
Among their own kind ASX stands out the price tag.
It would seem that a thoroughbred “Japanese” on the cheap (from 699 000 rub.) – A real bomb!
However, not all so obvious.

At the end of last year in the ranking of Russian sales ASX competitors became only the fourth c result 20 211 pcs., Behind the Kia the Sportage , the Qashqai the Nissan and the Hyundai the ix35 .
Not bad, it may seem the result.
But of 2018-2019 Mitsubishi, sure I do not think so.
And because of renovation pursue crossover one another.

Saucy (in other word) ASX crossover appeared in and was warmly received by the market.
Nevertheless, the claim to the built platform on the Outlander SUV were.
The most important – extremely stiff suspension.

2018-2019 Mitsubishi engineers have meticulously collected all the feedback and responded quickly.
Since, the ASX in the rear suspension, new shock absorbers in the front – stabilizer.
Good but not enough.
Engineers are again ready to listen and bring crossover to the ideal.

Update brought a modernized trailing arms and rear suspension bushings.
At the same time, and the variator reconfigured by adding responsiveness.
So with the update in is the same story.
External differences at least: LED running lights (also at the request of users, by the way), the bumper and new rims.

Inside, decorative laminate has changed around the center console and (finally!), Heated seat buttons moved under the climate control unit.
Former location of their seats at the ends of puzzling and threatened with dislocation of the wrist.

Baby ASX, as the youngest daughter in a large family, wears “new things” the older models of 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Motors has.
The new steering wheel – from the crossover Outlander third generation.
Button selection wheel drive transmission modes instead handle the puck and set audio (three to choose from) – from him.

Complete sets of the Japanese crossover – commonplace.
At 2018-2019 Mitsubishi ASX model year, the average range of engines (1.6, 1.8 and 2 liters), the average transmission (mechanics for young motor and stepless variator everyone else), the average wheel drive transmission with a plug of the rear axle and a pretty poor basic equipment .

The most popular versions boast except that the climate control and power windows, but can be ordered for a fee and advanced “music”, and a navigation system, and engine starter button, and a rearview camera and leather seats, and a panoramic roof.

It seems to have everything, but … Climate control only one-band, a rearview camera winter instantly covered with mud, and “smart” multimedia system with touch screens can not boast of any thoughtful interface or speed when plugging the smartphone through the USB-cable, a list of files downloaded five minutes …

The interior looks good, but spoil the details: 2018-2019 Mitsubishi ASX as he was, and remained low Japanese car with outdated facilities.
Screen “top-end” multimedia system is huge, but the graphics and the interface is outdated.
Years five to seven.

CVT works tolerably well, and has a simulation mode of operation of the box with fixed gears.
Wheelbase from ASX – a hair’s breadth is the same as that of Outlander XL, so the rear is quite spacious.
Now, a change-wheel drive transmission modes by pressing the button: the chosen algorithm can “synchronize” on the dashboard.

Panoramic glass roof – only to “top-end” configuration.
The trunk is large by the standards of the class, the transformation of all right – in this respect to the ASX in did not find fault.

The suspension upgraded thoroughly enough: there are other front anti-roll bar, new rear shocks, others silent blocks and trailing arms in the rear suspension.
In addition, the ASX Update the control system stabilization and electric power steering.

Another change – mode CVT.
Now with heavy acceleration the motor is not howling vacuum at the same speed, and gradually increasing them, simulates the “ordinary” transmission.
On the dynamics, according to engineers, it had no effect, but the psychological health of passengers will certainly be better.

The rest – just the little things: the parking brake has lost a single drum, and xenon headlights are shining a little “bigger”.
whether changes of feelings?
Not really.
Suspension good fulfills the majority of the irregularities, but the back still tries to get away from the trajectory of the irregularities.
Exchange rate stability is good, but control is fresh – the steering wheel still lacks intelligible reactive force, and the chassis – the angular stiffness.

By the way, in spite of the identical with all-wheel drive Outlander mode control button, ASX 2014 model year equipped with the system of the previous generation all-wheel drive – without heaps of sensors and eco-mode.
That is, the smaller can still go to the front drive.
Press the button on the center console, you can use the drive to the rear wheels, as well as to limit wheelspin multi-disc clutch (Lock mode).

Recoil 140-horsepower 1.8 (it is only paired with a CVT and front-wheel drive) will be enough only to stand confidently in traffic: accelerating it sluggish, overtaking should be planned with no less care than the birth of the first child, but from his monotonous howls can go crazy.

The “nevariatorny” mode in box operates mainly during acceleration “a floor”: In other cases, the engine often buzzes at the same speed.
Curiously, a crossover with 1.8 engine and a continuously variable gearbox – the slowest of the “as-es ‘X’: it dials the first hundred for 13,1 seconds.

The two-liter 150-strong car (it is only available with all-wheel drive and also with CVT) noticeably faster – 11.9 seconds up to a hundred.
And the fastest version of the ASX, oddly enough, with the weakest engine 1.6 (117 hp): front-wheel it, but with a manual.
But most importantly, it is the easiest!

The curb weight of 1,300 kilograms – is significantly lower than that of cars with engines of 1.8 (1385-1390 kg) or 2.0 (1450-1555 kg).
So she and transfer any hundred for 11,4 seconds.
That, too, is not the most outstanding results.

But where the real failure, so it is on the part of soundproofing.
Howls engine howling tires, the wind howls.
The long road ASX, shod in studded, would not the most pleasant companion!

According to marketers, 26 percent of owners consider ASX too noisy.
But more serious upgrade would entail an increase in prices and an updated price lists on ASX in 2014 were not subjected to revision.
This is very important, because the Nissan the Qashqai , the main competitor of 2018-2019 Mitsubishi compact crossover, the change of generations and now looks more attractive.

According to an updated road ASX sneaks quite dashing.
Posted in wheel spin, but the car creeps forward.
The main thing is not to stop: at the right time to pass the maximum traction variator, even a new one, can not.

In addition, the manual mode almost does not help – the obstacles have to take with overclocking.
Fortunately geometry and the energy intensity of the suspension allow you to do this.

Who buys 2018-2019 Mitsubishi ASX in Russia?
The real “averaged” the client, which is so often present in the imagination marketers.
Portrait of the average buyer ASX repeats somewhere in the segment of compact crossovers.

The average age of buyers in the 43 year, the ratio of men and women (22 to 78), the purchase of reasons – all hair’s exactly the same as the average temperature in the ward.
Do not be surprised if all buyers ASX will be the same height and build, if they like the same breed of dog and watch the same TV shows.

It is said that such motorists large trunk and a solid clearance of important equipment, and the ability of the two-liter engine to operate on a 92-m gasoline is more valuable than refined driving performance.

And then at the ASX in 2014 very well.
A fairly large wheelbase 2670 mm – exactly the same as at the crossover 2018-2019 Mitsubishi Outlander XL, – provides the relative space in the rear seats.
The trunk of 415 liters by the standards of the class too great: he is five liters more than the Nissan Qashqai and 10 than that of Skoda the Yeti .
Even bad clearance – fair 195 millimeters.

And on the side of the 2018-2019 Mitsubishi ASX in 2014, of course, the “real Japanese quality.”
Even despite the fact that this crossover is now produced in America.

Among the advantages of this crossover – the price, quality of materials, off-road-capability and a decent choice of engines.
With the car in the city, from it you can easily enjoy.
However, for journeys over long distances on our roads ASX imperfectly adapted.
Front comfortable, but rear fares should keep their heads.

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