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2018-2019 Mini Countryman

That style, primarily characterizes the 2018-2019 Mini Countryman. From generation to generation, the brand remains true to its traditions.
His models are similar to each other, but not without personality.
And, thus, neither resembles classmates other brands.
Snatching a car from the total traffic, error-free identifitsiruesh it as the 2018-2019 Mini, and only then, when we look at, you learn Countryman.
Recognition is simplified by the fact that the model has a traditional exterior design interpreted in a new way.
First, the largest of the 2018-2019 Mini lineup, but, interestingly, with dimensions of 4 meters long, 1.7 meters wide and 1.5 meters in height, it is actually “presses” in the conventional class-B format.
Although, in this case, at the crossover title claims.
With clearance of 149 mm, wide wheelbase, drive 4 for 4 and the body, which extends downwards, creating a sense of stability.
At first glance, the car still typical for the legendary British brand: the rounded headlights, short overhangs and a hexagonal grille.

But after a moment, you realize that yes, all evidence of traditional design, but also look at the car the other optics, and the roof is not so, as soon as framed, and even the vertical rear “foot” significantly modified.
It turns out that it is similar to their counterparts on the model lineup, but their appearance is not borrowed, in fact, not a single detail.
All revised, improved and individualized.
By “krossoverski” high rear bumper, almost vertical windscreen, which provides good visibility, and large wheels, width 205 mm and 16-inch diameter disk.
Much attention is paid to detail: contrasting color of the side mirrors, expressive wheel arches, chrome bezels repeaters turns, shiny door handles and sporty design of the pipe of the exhaust system.
The more you find differences in appearance 2018-2019 Mini Countryman from its twin, the more you ask a question – how much it is different inside?
The first thing you notice – it’s high seating position.

This not only facilitates boarding and landing, but also strengthens the belief that in your hands, after all, a crossover with specific bushing ambitions.
Inside, there was no revolution, design 2018-2019 Mini does not get tired and do not lose relevance.
Here we see a classic clean: rounded shapes, the giant speedometer and tachometer in the middle, right in front of the driver’s eyes.
How well the designers have taken care of the comfort of the driver, feeling already from the moment when you start to customize the pilot’s seat for themselves.
A wide range of seat and steering settings, expressive lateral support and carefully thought-out ergonomics.
In addition, there is ample opportunity to personalize the interior.
Options such quantity that, thanks to the fantasy of the future owners, among the vast number of production cars, you will, in time, you see two absolutely identical.

Worthy of attention course design solutions in the design of door cards.
The color contrast and elliptical shape of niches, which “flows” from the front to the rear door, visually expand the space.
Countryman developers decided to leave his new brainchild chip with LED interior lighting that changes color, you only press the corresponding switch.
If the plans for a potential car owner has frequent travel, you can, as an option to order a panoramic roof.
The luggage compartment, by simple manipulations with the rear seats can be increased to 1170 liters 2018-2019 Mini Countryman, despite the increased ground clearance and a solid weight class -. 1200 kg, retained drayverskogo temper.
Ensure the dynamics and 4 engines to choose from.
Vce they, however, have the same volume – 1.6 liters, but, at the same time, completely different capacity.
3 petrol engines are ready to give from 98 to 184 hp

Plus, this is also a diesel engine 90 hp
The most “hot” version of the Cooper S Countryman received its 184 forces, because the 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine, with replaceable valve timing and direct injection, a turbocharger is equipped with dual turbocharging technology.
As a result, the crossover can accelerate to “hundreds” of 7.6 seconds and go at a maximum speed of 215 km / h.
But, at the same time, according to certification indicators, average fuel consumption in the combined cycle of just 6.3 liters per 100 km.
brake energy recovery system provides the dual advantage.
During acceleration of the alternator is switched off and all power goes to the improvement of vehicle dynamics.
At the time of the deceleration, the generator charges the batteries, and this, in turn, ensures a more efficient use of engine power.

For all versions of the model proposed standard 6-speed manual transmission.
For petrol engines have the option, for a fee, to receive automatic Step-tronic, well, do not have to pay extra for the rest electronic assistants.
Vce they are included in the database.
ABS with brake force distribution function, stabilization system, traction control, an assistant at the start on a slope, the braking control when cornering and tire-pressure monitoring system.
All this Countryman will be selected regardless of the modification.
Common to all versions is the suspension – front wishbones with forged, such as “McPherson”, rear – at least traditional, lever.
The car is quite detailed inform their passengers about the road bumps, and not too diligently work out road potholes.
Although, after all, the machine is a little softer than its “hetchbekovyh” brethren. Price 2018-2019 Mini Countryman starts from 20 200 euros.

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