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2018-2019 Mercedes Viano

Beating the idea of presidential car with Maybach, the Germans calmed down a bit and decided to present to the public his vision of luxury “megalimuzina” in the form of the modified minivan 2018-2019 Mercedes Viano.

The new model is conceptually-luxury car 2018-2019 Mercedes Viano – is, above all, comfortable car, which is a unique success can become a family mobile home on wheels for busy people – office and for carefree creative individuals – an indispensable car for trips to the picnic.

That’s why 2018-2019 Mercedes Viano plotted to produce a model in different versions: Trend, Fun, Marco-Polo and Ambiente.
The entire range 2018-2019 Mercedesov Viano has unrivaled design features that give the Viano a certain originality and unique elegant interior, excellent impressive design, high-quality interior trim, and of course the most important aspect in a car of this class – good maneuverability and driving performance.

Now, about the engines: the customer a choice of four engines presents Euro VI standard, two of them petrol and two diesel.
Petrol six-cylinder V-shaped, the power of which is 190 and 218 hp, and a working volume of 3.2 liters, but only equipped with five-speed automatic transmission.
Diesel engines have a capacity of from 109 to 150 hp, working volume of 2.2 liters and equipped with a six-speed gearbox.

2018-2019 Mercedes Viano is equipped with air conditioning Tempmatik, which has an automatic climate control system with which the interior quickly reaches the desired temperature.
For increased security, 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz has equipped the car with ESP, which is an electronic stability control system, the salon is equipped with six airbags, and the body has high energy absorption during a possible collision.
According to the manufacturer, the owners 2018-2019 Mercedesa Viano virtually no danger.

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