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2018-2019 Mercedes SL 350

Since its appearance in the middle of the last century and for several decades it was the ancestral territories SL.
2018-2019 Mercedes has always been a recognized authority and always maintained dominance in this segment.

The prototype is the 2018-2019 Mercedes SL 350 SL 2001 issue.
Enough time has passed, many of the details are out of date.
But the practicality of controls, luggage capacity and excellent seats create a comfortable atmosphere that pleasantly impressed.
The advantage, as is the folding hardtop.
Tradition SL is a rejection of the rear-seat mini that lets you feel better gig.
In comparison with the 6-th series and there are more light and air.
As well as a greater all-round visibility, thanks to the high seating position.
The cruise trips he was not someone to be.

Impressive facilities and ease of handling with the machine and steering allows you to turn with a jeweler’s precision.
Suspension, despite its rigidity, ensures good health.
The options include airbags, ABS, climate control and heating vents in the headrests.
The length of the 2018-2019 Mercedes SL 350 – 4562 mm, width – 1820 mm, height – 1317 mm.
The wheelbase is 2560 mm.
Motor gasoline V8, located in the front longitudinal.
Drivetrain timing – chain.
Valves – 4 per cylinder.
Camshafts – 4. Displacement 3498 cc.
Power 315 hp at 6500 rpm.
Torque 360 ​​Nm at 4900 rpm.
Maximum speed – 250 km / h.
Transmission – 7-speed automatic transmission.
Drive back.
Front and rear disc brakes.
Tires 255/45 R 17 W. The CO2 emissions – 226 g / km.
Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers in the city – 13.8 liters on the highway – 7.2 liters, the average – 9.7 liters.
The volume of the fuel tank – 80 l.
Fuel type A-95.

Specifications 2018-2019 Mercedes SL 350

Luggage compartment volume 235 – 339 liters.
Acceleration to 100 km / h in 6.1 seconds.
The curb weight is 1816 kg.
Payload – 304 kg.
Turning circle – 11 meters.
The stopping distance from 100 km / h – 37 meters.
Cruising range is 780 km.
Service interval – 15000 km.
The warranty against rust – 30 years.
Price from 106 thousand euros.

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