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2018-2019 Mercedes R-class

What is the 2018-2019 Mercedes R-class?
Faced with one hand – the minivan and take a look on the other – the SUV.
It seems that the Germans too clever by half with the social class of the car.
An interesting detail: the car is available in two different wheelbases, and in the Russian version does not come with a short base, to supply us exclusively long-base car 2018-2019 Mercedes R-class – survived the modernizing, replacing ridiculous attractive face with round lenses this year on a traditional face with company. grille and more familiar rectangular headlights.

It should be noted that after the upgrade R-class looks much more presentable.
But in the salon restyling “not injured”, unlike other new “mersedesovskih” models, it is, alas, looks a bit old fashioned.
But if you do not pay attention to the design, in all other respects it is even quite modern.
The number of electronic chips this car can compete with the executive class sedan.
It is equipped with even the multicontour seats, which are able to change shape, depending on road conditions.
Inside R-class – there are three rows of seats, rear, right, quite close, but the second row has, indeed, royal comfort.

And with the free space is not a problem. 6-cylinder 3-liter turbo-diesel engine develops 224 horsepower.
It is normal, however, the proportion of resentment still present.
Why are we deprived of why it is not 265 hp, which gives this same unit for overseas vehicle variants.
However, it should not be upset, because even with a truncated power, the 2018-2019 Mercedes easily go from the chase.
Enough light touch on the gas pedal and impressive “carcass» R-class – headlong flies forward.

The car has an impressive smoothness, and the ground clearance is decent, but you can increase it by pressing a button if necessary.
But, despite all these advantages, the price of this car, nearly 4.5 million rubles, it seems a bit overpriced.
An interesting question could be due to its controversial social class 2018-2019 Mercedes R-class enjoys such a modest demand?

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