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2018-2019 Mercedes ML

The new 2018-2019 Mercedes ML was more friendly and even its appearance has become more civilized.
He has no locking of the rear axle, but at the same time, he has not lost his off-road qualities.
The main objective of the German company was to prove that the car class M, as before ready for serious off-road.
However, the new appearance suggests a completely different direction.
If in the old days the class M was seen as a large and comfortable SUV, now he has got and sports features.
Already with the base engine 2018-2019 Mercedes ML moves quite differently.

Significantly improved the motor and now the 2.5-liter engine has an output of 306 hp, but this is not important.
Torque 370 Nm whole, and this is something.
ML accelerates briskly and confidently, “hundreds” takes 6.7 seconds.
And thanks to the innovative system of exchange rate stability and suspension settings, the car demonstrates the serious ambitions on the track.
The suspension can be adjusted at will – by pressing a button, you can select the Sport mode or comfort.

And for a fee it is possible to install the package Off Road, which has several modes for off-road driving.
German experts deceive physics and could not, all the same car weighing more than 2 tons may not be as nimble as a small hatchback.
It is worth paying attention to the number of options.
Even inexpensive equipment has leather seats with visible stitching deliberately.
Active Cruise Control opespechivaet driver assistance, even when it is off.

If the distance to the car in front is too small, the pointer on the dashboard lights up, saying that you need to slow down and increase the distance.
Like all modern 2018-2019 Mercedes, the new ML is equipped with Start-Stop system.
The future of high technology, it is certainly good, but manage all the systems in the new ML is almost impossible.

Purpose some buttons without operating instructions do not understand, and multimedia system interface is hardly intuitive.


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