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2018-2019 Mercedes GLK

According to the developers, restrained business style 2018-2019 Mercedes GLK – it is the wishes of customers, long-standing fans of the brand.
Supporters 2018-2019 Mercedes does not gravitate to the fashionable nowadays biodesign.
They should come to taste new items relationship with G-class.

Short overhangs, chopped “front” of the body, narrow pillars and almost vertical angle of inclination of the windscreen – elegantly complemented by streamlined and dynamic reliefs elongated ribs on the vehicle sides.
Thus, the business correctness diluted features inherent to the brand of cars.
Stripped of the pathos of the interior is in perfect harmony with the exterior.

Beauty abounds with chrome accents and massive inserts with pine or walnut.
Generally, within the model differs significantly from similar vehicles.
Even the windshield at an angle of 58 degrees, when the rest of the cars in this class – a maximum of 50. Perhaps the only expressive “mersedesovskaya” feature – a dashboard with large speedometer and tachometer.
It is located exactly in front of the driver.
interior decoration resembles a mosaic successfully collected.

The steering wheel is a pleasure to hold in their hands.
model developers have taken care of the safety of the driver, so just in the center of the speedometer has a backup monitor, which displays all necessary information.
The cabin is dominated by a stable climate, Termatik system maintains the desired temperature in two zones – separately for driver and passenger.
If the machine is equipped with 3-zone climate system, its own “oasis” is produced and rear passengers.
Furthermore, to regulate the temperature and the blowing power and distribute air in the system will be automatically given car speed, the intensity of sunlight and the outside air quality.

Landing in the car, as befits an SUV high.
Adjustments Power are already included as standard.
More can be programmed settings for different drivers, and the machine will remember the position of not only back, but also a steering column and exterior mirrors.
In the three passengers can comfortably accommodate a rear sofa.
And so spacious interior makes it even bigger panoramic roof.

As an option you can order 8-inch monitors, they will be mounted in the headrests.
450 liters of the total interior space allocated luggage compartment.
It was equipped with a whole set of convenient tools, here and hooks for clothes and bags, rings and loops for heavy items and special niche for details 2018-2019 Mercedes GLK -. Emits a peculiar aura, its interior is devoid of unnecessary pathos, but every detail emphasizes the status.

If you choose the GLK for the active conquest of terrain, it is better to choose a special package for off-road.
It will enrich the special vehicle descent control system mode Off road, which reconfigures the transmission and crankcase and front bumper.
Successful weight distribution along the axes, minimum vibration, smooth running – all the result of a thorough revision of the classical design.
It is based on strengthened landing gear wheel-drive G-Class with the latest generation of transmission, which is not overloaded with unnecessary electronics.
Center differential built into the 7-speed automatic transmission.
A torque is distributed in the proportion of 45 to 55, with a priority on the rear axle.
When to press hard on the gas pedal, the differential is locked, so the acceleration is obtained efficiently.

The engineers GLK 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz have achieved near-perfect balance of all the major electronics auxiliary systems – ESP Dynamic Stability Control, traction control and ASR traction.
As a result – the model can boast rare for crossovers, good handling in virtually all conditions.
The steering wheel is able to adapt to different conditions, but the reaction also depends on the speed.
To us the car comes with three engines.
2 petrol: a volume of 3 liters, 221 hp power
and 3.5 liters, there already 272hp
There are still 3-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 224 hp

In the GLK install additional fuel supply system.
Her work is more than just amuse fans of drive, as it can significantly increase the power cars.
But then do not be surprised, and indicators of fuel consumption.
Although, according to the certificate, the greatest engine of 3.5 liters in the combined cycle consumes about 11 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.
Engine power is evenly distributed across 7 gear automatic transmission. The price on the 2018-2019 Mercedes GLK starts at 1 700 000 rubles.

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