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2018-2019 Mercedes GLA (Crossover 2018-2019 Mercedes GLK)

Power line 2018-2019 Mercedes GLK crossover in June this year added a new 4-cylinder 2-liter turbocharged unit with direct injection that produces 211 horsepower and 350 Newton meters of maximum torque.
The modification with the engine will be called the GLK 250 4Matic.
This power unit has received Start-Stop system and is equipped with an automatic 7 A range gearbox.
In this version of the 2018-2019 Mercedes GLK crossover is capable of accelerating from zero to the first “hundred” for 7.9 seconds.
2018-2019 Mercedes maximum speed reaches 215 kilometers per hour ti.
For example, modification of the GLK 250 BlueTEC, which is equipped with 2.1-liter 204-strong engine, accelerates from zero to 100 km / h 0.1 seconds longer than the combined cycle fuel consumption of the model with the new engine does not exceed 7.7 liters to “hundred” kilometers and emissions of harmful substances in the atmosphere is 180 g / km.
Note that now the power line crossover 2018-2019 Mercedes GLA will include 8 units – four petrol and four diesel.
On the German market price of the new car modification will start from 44 149 euros.

If you choose the 2018-2019 Mercedes GLK for active conquest of terrain, it is better to choose a special package for off-road.
It will enrich the special vehicle descent control system mode Off road, which reconfigures the transmission and crankcase and front bumper.
Successful weight distribution along the axes, minimum vibration, smooth running – all the result of a thorough revision of the classical design.
It is based on strengthened landing gear wheel-drive G-Class with the latest generation of transmission, which is not overloaded with unnecessary electronics.
Center differential built into the 7-speed automatic transmission.
A torque is distributed in the proportion of 45 to 55, with a priority on the rear axle.
When to press hard on the gas pedal, the differential is locked, so the acceleration is obtained efficiently.

The engineers GLK 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz have achieved near-perfect balance of all the major electronics auxiliary systems – ESP Dynamic Stability Control, traction control and ASR traction.
As a result – the model can boast rare for crossovers, good handling in virtually all conditions.
The steering wheel is able to adapt to different conditions, but the reaction also depends on the speed.

Recall that the Russian market 2018-2019 Mercedes GLK crossover is presented with one petrol and one diesel engine, respectively, 250 and 170 horsepower.
Prices will start with a mark of 1.87 million rubles.

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