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2018-2019 Mercedes G500 in the family Gelaendewagen

2018-2019 Mercedes G500 SUV marketed by the German automaker as the most versatile vehicle in Gelaendewagen family.
Describe the car can be one word – a cube.
As it did 30 years ago, so he remains the same, varying only in small details.
Among the new parts should pay attention to the décor in the new side mirrors and LED daytime running lights.
But new elements in the cabin 2018-2019 Mercedes G500 – a tribute time.
There nformatsionno Comand infotainment system with navigation system and an Internet connection, a huge screen in the center console, which is installed as the base option, and a new steering wheel design.

Interior space in the car, and the driver’s landing as if squeezed, tight.
That is, the lateral support of the chair is so good that neither the right nor to the left the driver does not move under any bends.
Typically mountain serpentines 2018-2019 Mercedes G500 does not allow to forget that he is still a serious and high SUV, not a sports car squat.
But too noticeable roll in cornering the car is not scary.
It would seem, in the car, “sharpened” under the roads, the suspension should be soft and rolls.
Nothing of the sort – in the bends “cube” is very stable.

In addition, high seating position provides additional benefits – namely, allows the driver to see through the roof of the vehicle ahead and plan your maneuvers more accurately in advance.
And this, in turn, secured safe and comfortable driving in any road conditions.
Six seconds to accelerate from zero to the first “hundred” and the magnificent “elasticity” of the engine in any range relax – every maneuver possible and any overtaking elementary.
Generally 2018-2019 Mercedes G500 is the most balanced and the most comfortable around Gelaendewagen family.
It corresponds to the power handling and nothing more.

Under the hood of the test set off-road 2018-2019 Mercedes G500 petrol engine volume 5.5 liters, developing maximum output of 387 horsepower.
With him in a pair of runs 7 A range automatic transmission.
Uterine motor sound is heard in the cabin, even through closed windows.
And this is even despite the fact that the quality of a car noise insulation at a high level.
Most likely, the German engineers have specially tuned exhaust system so as to allow the driver and passengers to enjoy the off-road 2018-2019 Mercedes G500 “tune” the engine.
Of course, for such dynamics, in complete disregard of the aerodynamics, we have to pay – the fuel consumption of 26.5 liters per 100 kilometers, and it is not the limit.

The pleasure of a car does not depend on where exactly you wish to receive it – on public roads or far beyond the asphalt.
Package differential lock at the car full, but need to use them according to the rules.
Please include a center differential, then back, and only then interwheel front interwheel.
And to do so, preferably before the machine starts to slip.
Moreover, before it is necessary not to forget to include a reduced number of transmission.
Although, frankly, is unlikely to 2018-2019 Mercedes G500 owner quite often have to use his off-road potential to the full, as the “off-roudnye” ambitions of his normal end much earlier than the G-Class reaches its boundary lines.

Those roads that are almost true for other off-road vehicles are considered to be really extreme adventures for 2018-2019 Mercedes G500 are simply walking paths.
So, the question, what is the G500 is different from the other members of the 2018-2019 Mercedes G-Class, there is a short and comprehensive response – its balance and versatility, it is comfortable and appropriate at any time and in any place – and in the city and on the highway.

The SUV is equipped with a 2-zone climate control, audio system Surround Harman / Kardon LOGIC7, Bluetooth, port USB, SiriusXM radio, Comand system with LCD monitor LCD 7-inch hard drive to 80GB for a navigation system, heated steering wheel, heated electric exterior mirrors, shift paddles, stern LED lights, LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights, parking sensors, 18 inch 5 -spitsevymi alloy wheels, adaptive cruise control, wipers with rain sensor, light sensor, Headlight washers, monitoring sensor TPMS tire pressure, powered front seats in the 10-ti directions, multifunction steering wheel, tinted windows, heated windscreen, three 12-volt power outlets, and a variety of other options.

For the safety of the driver and passengers in the 2018-2019 Mercedes G500 meet 6 airbags, ESP stabilization, adaptive brake technology, help system at emergency braking, anti-lock braking system ABS, help system when you rebuild, and other functions.
The cost of an SUV 2018-2019 Mercedes G500 starts with a mark of 125 thousand euros.

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