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2018-2019 Mercedes Car Museum

Since the Stuttgart subway map, which indicated 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz park;
with pointers when you exit the subway, do not give the possibility of a centimeter to deviate from the course on the way to the triangle “zavodstadion museum.”
And the building itself, which is its amazing design “double-helix structure of DNA” Danish-Dutch authorship could compete with the avant-garde of the Sydney Opera House.

This – the famous German pedantry in all its glory: every centimeter of occupied collection, so thought that I would not be surprised at all if found a separate room set aside for the collection of your favorite cigarette cases great engineer Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach his stepson.
These names you hear once futuristic capsule sends you to the top floor, from which starts the whole history of the company.
And not only us – the creators of the museum to recreate your eyes chronological chronicle of the most important milestones of the last century, in which many events have nothing to do with cars.

Each wall resembles a textbook reversal of history: 125 years of history, fragments of which are systematically arranged in a spiral floors.
No matter how you started your journey – from the halls of the “Seven Legends”, in chronological order, illustrating the brand’s history, or five “Collection rooms”, showing the legacy of Karl Benz thematically, you can still finish it the “Silver Arrows” in the place of the meeting races and records.
And with the feeling that your brain explode from upholstered numbers and names – it exhibits a unique collection of more than a thousand.

The first of these, as expected, refers to January 1886, when Karl Benz received a patent for a three-wheeled stroller without springs and bicycle wheels – the first car appeared in the world.
On the first “test-drive” the creator recalled reluctantly: local butcher horse, frightened by the roar of the motor running, turned the wagon with sausage and Benz had to buy all the goods he had.
Do not have time to zasmotretsya on meticulously placed first engines with printing Daimler Motoren Gesselschaft, and you already talk about the idea of ​​Gottlieb Daimler of motorization on land, on water and in the air, and how it is reflected in the three-beam 2018-2019 Mercedes symbol (which muscular heroes kinoboevikov in a fit of rage break off the hood of the rich).

Daimler appears genius inventor: the world’s first motorcycle – even with wooden wheels, gasoline boat first in the world, named after the sister-in “Maria” and presented the first Chancellor of the German Empire, Bismarck.
The first motor carriage, this time donated by the engineer’s wife.
The original did not live to see this day, and stand proudly flaunts a replica, built in 1936, only three copies.
However, eight years ago, the Germans launched a hundred chariots propelled numbered and one even rolled on the Concours d’Elegance.

Not much more was built and 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz 150H: five released in 1934, the avant-garde zadnemotornyh car to XXI century there was only one.
However, the glory of the pioneer rear-layout still won once headed the joint design office «Daimler-Benz» Ferdinand Porsche, releasing the famous “Beetle”.

But in the long history of 2018-2019 Mercedes lacked and other legendary characters: called Emile Ellinek, Consul of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and head of Daimler representative office in France, once gave the world the name of the brand in the century ahead.
At its Reisewagen he and his family went to take a bath under the Vienna medical year and then decided to even participate in the race, which under his own name he would have failed to do.

Came to the rescue of his daughter, 2018-2019 Mercedes Simplex, the rear axle with a double busbar, 40 horsepower and 80 km / h top speed, it has become a real SLS for his life.
The museum 2018-2019 MercedesBenz it is called “the oldest surviving to the present day models of the company.”

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