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2018-2019 Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series

Company 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz led group presented Dailmer powerful car sedan C-Class – Model C63 AMG Black Series.
The new car’s engine remains the same, but Avtosrtoiteley company did a good job on its improvement.
In addition, by reducing the weight of the body, the model C63 AMG Black Series has become more dynamic.

Concern Dailmer called C63 AMG – one of the most powerful sports coupe, as the novelty has participated in the race “24 Hours Nürburgring”, so on our website already appeared photos and details of the car, which is in front of you.
The younger brother of the family Black Series is installed on the engine volume 6.2 liters, like the AMG C63, but the internal parts have been improved: the forged pistons, lightened crankshaft, oil cooler has become more powerful.
As a result of these changes, the engine power is equal to 517 horse, which is 60 horsepower exceeds the previous model.

The seven-speed automatic transmission called AMG Speedshift able to get the car to speed up to a hundred in 4.2 seconds.
To change the gear box to transfer only need 100 milliseconds.
In addition to this, a coupe sports car is equipped with a limited slip differential with ESP and can operate in three modes.
Also car has 19-inch wheels and lowered suspension album contained.

Coupe C63 AMG is available for purchase in a double version, although optional, pre-order buyer is possible to install two more passenger seats.
One of the options – “track”: includes cooling and differential track Dunlop sports tires while the second option – “aerodynamic”: There is a carbon fiber rear aero spoiler and carbon fiber inserts on the front bumper.

The company plans to begin selling a new powerful cars 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series in January 2012, so that all who wish to purchase a new product C-Class is to wait a bit.
Estimated value of the car in Europe starts with a mark of 115 thousand euros.

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