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2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz SLK350

Thirty-five prestigious awards for not so much, and a long history of the model, “Golden Steering Wheel”, “the most beautiful car in the world”, “The best gig of the world” … compact dimensions without compromising the comfort of the driver and passenger.
sportiness and comfort in one machine.
Coupe and Roadster in one body.
All this 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz SLK.
With all these qualities, the SLK, and indeed claims to be the best car for each day of the egoist.
In essence, it is very twofold.
This small city coupe, brisk enough for city traffic jams and compact parking – each corner wheels make it easy to maneuver.

Suspension allows you to ignore the small road bumps and overcome the “speed bumps”, leaving the soul in the body.
At the same time, this roadster GT-class long-distance travel at a high speed.
The list of standard and optional equipment has a system to prevent banks (for example, Active Body Control).
They “prescribe” turns becomes quite enjoyable.
Again, the car can always hide the driver and passenger from the rain rigid metal roof.
It’s really versatile vehicle, the only downside of which is quite small luggage compartment, especially when the roof is folded.
The model was released in 1996.

Initially, it was completed only two engines.
SLK200 version equipped with two-liter four-cylinder engine capacity of 136 hp
However, to easy kuperodsteru and that it was enough for a leisurely drive.
There was a model and more powerful – 230 Kompressor, earned a lot of popularity among the masses.
Its engine developed more serious 193 horsepower, which provided the opportunity to compete in the “traffic lights” races.
Of course, the car is not made for this, but fans of this kind of entertainment is always there, and their not so little.
In 1999, in order to please fans of “drive”, the Germans decided to add a more powerful V-twin engine volume of 3.2 liters.
A year later, the car has finalized: upgraded bumpers and grille.
In front optics appeared xenon, taillights gained a little more dynamic form, repeaters direction indicators have become duplicated in the rear-view mirrors.
At that point, the car gained fame a little feminine car, so add a few bright and nice looking interior trim options.
Added supercharged version of the two-liter engine, which broke up the SLK to a hundred kilometers per hour in 8.2 seconds and can travel at speeds up to 223 km / h.

In 2004, at the Geneva motor show debuted the next generation kuperodstera.
It was much larger than its predecessor, although the weight remained the same, and improved aerodynamic performance.
When viewed from the front is no continuity of generations was not observed.
Rear optics 2018-2019 Mercedes Benz all those times was almost the same.
But looking at the profile of any recognized SLK.
The classic proportions – the long hood, short overhangs – send us back to progenitor entire 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz 190SL series.
The rest of the model was a logical continuation of the predecessor.
The roof has become smaller, due to which increased luggage space, a lot of electronic “helpers” and entertainment systems, has become a richer standard equipment, the engines have become more powerful.
It was roomier in the cabin, there was a system of «Airskarf», protecting the neck and throat from hypothermia when driving with the top down in the cold season.

And this year, a third generation of the famous and popular roadsters.
In front this car now looks quite severely – lost naive expression “person”.
Convertible top can now be panoramic – with large glass inserts – thanks to which the feeling of “sky” over your head will be, regardless of the position of the roof, which, incidentally, is now folds and unfolds in less than 20 seconds.
The interior is designed with an eye on the recent model of the SLS – light touch of retro, paradoxically, has made a new “stream” in the usual interior design SLK.

2018-2019 Mercedes recently introduced a top-end version of its smallest roadster – SLK350.
Under its hood is a V6 with 302 hp, which accelerates the car up to a hundred kilometers per hour in 5.4, and quite vividly “abut” in its speed limiter, traditionally set at 250 km / h.

This year marks fifteen years, this is truly a landmark model.
Thousands SLK owners of different years of manufacture in one voice say that the car is worth the money paid for it, especially because it is very economical – now it is really one of the best deals among small roadsters.

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