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Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe Concept 2018-2019

2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz company has quite an impressive lineup of SUVs, but in Stuttgart do not rest on their laurels and continue to develop such vehicles.
Not long ago, the Germans showed off-road coupe called GLE Coupe, and now are working on the creation of his younger brother.

Thus, the concept 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe Concept was unveiled at the Shanghai International Auto Show in 2015.
As the name implies, the German innovation will be built on the platform of the 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC, which is the successor of GLK models.

The length of the new car up to 473.0 centimeters, which is about 20 centimeters less in comparison with the model GLE Coupe.
The new SUV is quite wide – 200 cm, but its height is less than 159.3 centimeters.
The length of the wheelbase of the car rests on the conceptual mark of 283 centimeters.

Visually, the new 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe Concept model year is very similar to the GLE Coupe.
The machine has a rapid line silhouette with high arched windows and a roof.
The concept car is different the pointed aft and long bonnet.

In the center of a massive false radiator grille is a large emblem of the German company, and the edges adorn the large front lights on the LED elements with curved daytime running lights.
The bottom of the concept of 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe Concept cover plate made of metal, and in the lower part of the vehicle is decorated with black plastic pads.

Novelty raised sides and hood, as well as “muscular” wheel arches.
Note that the handles on the doors of the vehicle are put forward, we need only to click on them, and there is no framework for the side windows.

With regard to the stern of the machine, there is the attention attracted by a four round exhaust pipes integrated into the bumper, as well as the long horizontal lights, very similar to the tail lights S-Class coupe.

For conceptual model has alloy wheels 21 inches in diameter.
Front mounted dimension of tires 255/50 R21, rear – 285/45 R21.

The German automaker has yet to reveal its interior features new items, but we already know that in the interior design concept SUV 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe Concept engineers used natural leather and aluminum inlays.
Salon concept car received four individual seats, and in the middle runs a high transmission tunnel.

At their disposal SUV 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe Concept has a gasoline 6-cylinder V-twin power unit with Twin Turbo system.

Its working volume of 3.0 liters, and output reaches about 367 mi horsepower at 5500 rpm and about 520-minute Newton meters of maximum torque in the range of 1400 to 4000 rpm.

German novelty is equipped with an automatic 9-band transmission and permanent all-wheel drive.

Note that at the Shanghai Motor Show visitors showed almost production version of the car.
The new 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe will put on the conveyor presumably in 2016, the year, and the difference from the conceptual model, according to the automaker, will be minimal.

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