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2018-2019 Mercedes A170

2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz – do not break your head over the original name for each new model, but simply offers its machine vision in one or another class 2018-2019 Mercedes A170 -. Has an avant-garde appearance, but “cross-eyed” headlights and the traditional grille with a proprietary 3-beam logo not leave no doubt that this is a 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz.
Hood, which becomes cool tilted windscreen, and the shape of the aft borrowed from the Compact MPV.
Lateral line vyshtampovki, starting from the front of the wing and ending near the rear lights, adds volume and profile of the car even more emphasizes the height of the roof.
Unconventional shape of the side windows adds to the general image of dynamism.
Overall, the car is quite nice and purebred.
Although it is smaller in size some famous rivals, however, it does not look small.
And that is what has success with customers, especially in women.
The new position of the engine and transmission made it possible to significantly shorten the engine compartment.
As a result, the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment uses 70% of the overall length of the car.
About the size of the internal space in the 2018-2019 Mercedes A-class A170 evidenced by the fact that, for example, the distance between the rear seats and pedal unit corresponds to the luxury C-class.
2018-2019 Mercedes A170 base package bundle can only be called conditionally, as standard equipment has a number of features that in other embodiments, the two in the car added a few extra touches.

The database already has power accessories, multifunctional steering wheel, steering column and seats, on-board computer.
It is understood that the car is blessed with and supporting electronic systems, which ensure comfort and safety.
Two other equipment A170 – Elegance and Avant-garde added private vehicles through the use of aluminum in the interior decoration and leather, chrome exterior parts, alloy wheels with unique design and a panoramic roof.
The chassis is one of the unique design features of the model.
Since the rear thruster is mounted axle suspension with Watt’s linkage, which extinguishes the transverse vibrations of the stern.
Simply put – the car is comfortable.
With the appetite to swallow minor bumps in the road and confidently holds the trajectory when cornering.
The car has a significant amount of electronics: ABS – shorten the braking distance, the ARS – will not allow slippage of wheels, Brake Assist System – helps during emergency braking, and the ESP – will not go into a skid.
For 2018-2019 Mercedes A170 offers a choice of three diesel engines of 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 liters of volume. And, in the line 4 petrol unit, they have a volume of 1.5, 1.7 and 2.0 liters. More a 2-liter engine augmented turbine.
All engines have been developed under the compact dimensions of the car, and optimally matched characteristics make it possible to show better results in fuel consumption.
For example, the test car, equipped with a gasoline engine of 1.7 liters, according to the certification according to the combined cycle consumes only 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers.
Models with engine equipped with a small volume of the classic 5-step “mechanics”, but, according to the customer and they are fitted with “automatic”.
The more powerful version of the default receive automatic transmission.

Price 2018-2019 Mercedes A-class A170 starts from 19 200 euros.

* The length of the car – 3838 mm.

* The width of the car – 1975 mm.

* Vehicle height – 1583 mm.

* Curb weight – 1240 kg.

* Working volume of the engine – 1699 cm / cu.

* Maximum power – 115 hp at 5500 rev / min.

* Maximum torque – 155 Nm at 3500 – 4000 rpm / min.

* The maximum speed – 180 km / h.

* Average fuel consumption per 100 km – 6.6 liters.

* Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h – 10.8 seconds.

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