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2018-2019 Mercedes A-Class

In the German Daimler Rastatt at the plant began production of the updated 2018-2019 Mercedes A-Class.
In March of this year, a new model of gathering a large number of motorists at the Geneva Motor Show, and soon the car will have to catch the admiring glances on the road.
The new generation 2018-2019 Mercedes A-Class will be assembled on the same assembly line, which already produced B-Class.
In the words of Dieter Zetsche, head of concern Daimler: «The start of production is yet another step towards the implementation of our growth strategy, calculated up to 2020-th year.
Edition 2018-2019 Mercedes A-Class will mark our offensive in the compact car class.
But we will not stop – the third model, which will be assembled in Rastatt, will be a crossover. ”

The German company will invest in a production line of compact cars at the plant about 1.2 billion euros.
Some of them have already been spent on the improvement of the enterprise, and the other part will learn in two years.
In addition, the German automaker will spend about 400 million euros in the factories producing motors.
The updated 2018-2019 Mercedes A-Class became available for order since last month, and how to say in the company, have formed a queue of forty thousand people.

Probably, the new hatchback attracts motorists expressive appearance and a wide choice of engines, the power of which is from 109 to 211-ti-ti horsepower.
And the price is quite acceptable, in Germany, 2018-2019 Mercedes A-Class is a new generation of less than 24 thousand euros -x.

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