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2018-2019 Kia Sportage

To date, 2018-2019 Kia Sportage is perhaps one of the most spectacular crossovers.
And not only in its class.
Some of his appearance may seem brutal, flashy, but what Sportage will not go unnoticed in traffic, it is undeniable.
The taste and color – all 2018-2019 Kia cars are different, but effective appearance – a good trump card in the struggle for the buyer.
It claims the interior is not exactly, there is also the style and feeling of the car, and attention to detail.
Compared with the previous generation – a huge gap.
finishing materials are very close in quality to European competitors.

It can be recorded in the asset stylish and comfortable steering wheel and instrument panel spectacular.
With ergonomics in order.
By planting the driver no complaints, but for visibility – there.
Functionality has fallen victim to the design.
Dimensions exterior mirrors are not bad, but their form is not optimal.
Restrict visibility and wide rear pillars, together with narrow “loopholes” of the side windows.
In this situation, parking sensors in very handy.

But this car is not only he, the use of electric power steering it possible to introduce a remarkable innovation – an automatic parking system.
Dry figures from the table specifications are not impressive.
Engine power – 136 hp
12.1 seconds acceleration to “hundreds”, but impressive torque – 319 Nm.
Let diesel and noisy, but with such a thrust can be tolerated with little flaws.
With locations Sportage instantly fires, smartly turning over transmission and growling menacingly 2-liter diesel engine.

Sport mode in the “machine” is not provided, but there is a manual mode, however, and in the automatic box is doing quite well.
Do not even hinting about the possibility of the use of hands to shift, especially because of the rate of the box does not change.
All-wheel drive is not for the serious off-road, but even cope with muddy primer.
Suspension stiff and korotkohodnaya but it keeps hitting well.
In any cases as long as the holes are not sized wheel.
Another would be comprehensible feedback on the steering wheel, but the electro-hydraulic actuator driver transmits a synthesized information on the behavior of the front wheels. 2018-2019 Kia Sportage allows quick ride on dirt roads, but stabilization is better not to disable it.

So it is safe and secure.
Yet in the asset are strong arguments – showy appearance, good dynamics, good comfort, and of course – the system of automatic parking.

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