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2018-2019 Kia Soul cars

In early autumn, during the Frankfurt International Motor Show held the official debut of the European versions of the new 2018-2019 Kia Soul, whose sales in the North American market is already underway.
In the European continent, the model will go on sale in the spring of-th year, well, Russian motorists have to wait until next fall novelty.
However, to get some information about the 2018-2019 Kia Soul  th model year we offer now, in our review.
So, visual model of the new generation is almost no different from its predecessor.
Note that this is the second generation of the car, not the restyling.
At least, so the South Korean carmaker is positioning novelty.

The total design style “car-box” has remained the same, so that the 2018-2019 Kia Soul is still recognizable in the transport stream.
Engineers only slightly alleviated some angles than improved aerodynamics, which in turn positively affected the fuel economy.
On the outside you will notice a new radiator grille, different front lights and stern lights, rims with new design, but slightly modified tailgate.
In general, the transformation of the exterior of the car can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
The changes affected the dimensions of the new 2018-2019 Kia Soul, received a common platform with the latest generation of the Cee’d model.

The machine added in almost all respects.
Thus, the length of the car body is now reaching 414 ti centimeters, width of the model is 180 cm, height – 161 cm.
Wheelbase length is now equal to 257 -th centimeters, but the former has a ground clearance height of 16.5 centimeters.
In addition, in the process of change of generations of South Korean engineers have to work hard to increase the rigidity of the body, raising it by about 30 percent.
Inside, 2018-2019 Kia Soul second generation change happened a lot more than in appearance.

In the first place, we note the improvement of the quality of finishing materials and their fitting, as well as sound insulation and attention to detail of interior ergonomics.
In addition, one of the main advantages of the new items is a space, which, thanks to an increase in size has also increased the front and rear.
In addition, the increase of centimeters to the length of the wheelbase has improved the capacity of the luggage compartment of the car, which was formerly a special capacity did not differ.
Now the boot volume from 2018-2019 Kia Soul reaches 354 liters -x.

The power range of the Russian version of 2018-2019 Kia Soul 2014 th model year will remain unchanged.
In it, as before, it will be only two engines – one petrol and one diesel.
On the role of the base unit for the machine offered is the same gasoline 4-cylinder 1.6-liter engine is equipped with a 16-valve timing and fuel injection system of distribution, as well as in the modification of the North American market.
This engine retains its maximum capacity at the same level – 129 hp available at 6,300 rpm.
The maximum torque of the motor, as before, is 157 Newton-meters is reached at 4,850 rpm.

Equipped with basic petrol engine 2018-2019 Kia Soul is a 6 A range of mechanical gearbox or automatic on 6 stages.
As stated by the South Korean automaker kept its impact petrol engine will now have lower fuel consumption, though exact figures are not yet announced.
Note that the previous generation vehicle, this unit is expended in the combined cycle of about 6.6 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers in the version with manual transmission, and about 7.3 liters in the version with 6 -step “automatic”.

If we talk about diesel engines for 2018-2019 Kia Soul, it has the same number of cylinders – 4, and the same volume – 1.6 liters.
Its maximum power is also still ti is 128 horsepower, which is achieved at 4000 rpm.
The maximum torque of the diesel power unit is 260 Newton-meters are available in a range from 1900 to 2750 rpm.
This engine will be paired with a 6 A range of automatic transmission.
Like the gasoline engine, a diesel engine will deliver best fuel economy, although exact figures are again not yet been announced.
Recall that before the fuel consumption of the engine was at the level of 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle.
Suspension of the new 2018-2019 Kia Soul has undergone only minor upgrades, which, according to engineers, has allowed a few to improve ride and handling.
However, the very design of the suspension remains the same: in front of the car – an independent type of racks, “McPherson”, aft – semidependent torsion beam.

As before, the 2014 model year received th disc brakes all wheels, and electric power steering.
List proposed for the Russian market of complete sets of the new generation 2018-2019 Kia Soul is not yet known, it will voice closer to the top of the sales model in our country, and it will not happen before the second half of next year.
Russian version also cost has not been disclosed.
It should be noted that the North American market prices for the new 2018-2019 Kia Soul starts at the level of 15 495 dollars.
There in the base car is equipped with power accessories, central locking, audio system with satellite radio and ports USB / AUX, Bluetooth, air conditioning, a help system at start on lifting and stability control.
Recall that in Russia the first-generation model in the base case equipment is sold for 649 900 rubles.

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