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2018-2019 Kia Quoris – restyled sedan premium

Regular recruitment of executive sedans made by KIA in 2018-2019  , the South Korean company, is still ambivalent feelings.
Primarily due to the fact that its creators have gone beaten path: if the company’s first attempt to release a car like premium (KIA Opirus) looked like a photocopy of the 210th body of one German company, but now … No, Quoris can not immediately called double any known vehicle – rather, it looks like BMW, to which the owner has fitted crazy grille from Maserati.

Overview restyling KIA Opirus 2018-2019

There in the cocktail looks and things conspicuous.
First of all, this is a huge squares head LED light modules – in the modern fashion trends in the 2018-2019 Kia Quoris no one incandescent lamp.
Each headlight unit – four lenses enclosed diode element, giving the optics of some similarity to spidery eyes.
In the darkness it becomes clear that efficiency does not become a victim effectively – they shine more than worthy.

The massive instrument panel in the updated 2018-2019 Kia Kuoris devoid of wood or carbon fiber inserts, but you can not say that it is because of that loses something.
In this case, the designers managed to create a rigorous way, which, moreover, is not immediately wish to remember with a car it copied.
Location instruments and classic controls, so – familiar, comfortable.

On closer acquaintance with restyled KIA Opirus comes out and fly in the ointment – the consequences of the Asian roots and the budget, by the standards of premium prices.
The range of adjustment of seats and ergonomics of their own is clearly not intended for the average European proportions: the driver is quite normal growth should abut or nearly head on the ceiling, or to fill up the seatback backward.
However, we should not forget that the host in these cars sitting behind – and with it all the comfort in order, although the adjustment possibilities and not so much.

Tilt forward the rear seat middle turns into a processor from the armrest and stand-ins control the air conditioning and audio system Infinity.
The decision is undoubtedly convenient, but it definitely looks contrasting with the severity of the interior rear of the car.

You look or go?

However, KIA Kuoris – is not only appearance, but also filling.
On the buyer’s choice of two V-shaped engine with direct fuel injection: a six-cylinder 3.8-liter, and it is becoming the declared class five-liter V8.
Both are coupled to the eight-gun.

Such a bundle together with a rear wheel drive provides an updated model of a decent dynamics (acceleration to “hundreds” – 5.7 seconds), while not raising his fuel requirements: the level of boost motor does not exceed a reasonable rate with a top shot V8 424 horsepower.

Suspension 2018-2019 Kia Quoris – a reasonable midpoint between premium requirements, and motor abilities.
Independent mnogoryichazhka (optional – with Pneumoelements) provides excellent energy consumption, without passing any irregularities, or even vibration from heavy Nineteen wheels on the back.
Yet, together with uninformative driving it deprives the car’s handling even intuitive feedback, so called Quoris predisposed to aggressive driving does not.

The verdict of the new 2018-2019 Kia Quoris

The car leaves a feeling fisted merchant, trying to get through the nobles.
Trying to be consistent with all the declared class standards, is in the details, he always gives himself away.
Eternal is a trump card in the competition, the price for this company is not working: the very concept of “Executive Class” somehow does not provide space for the Korean car value at the level of Toyota Camry.

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