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2018-2019 Kia has provided sales results

The South Korean automaker 2018-2019 Kia unveiled the results of sales of the models in the Russian market.
In 2012-th year, the company 2018-2019 Kia Motors has significantly enhanced its position in Russia, having managed to sell 187,330 cars here.
At the same time, compared with the previous year, sales increased by 19 percent.

Such an increase in sales largely contributed to the emergence in late 2011 th year of the new generation 2018-2019 Kia Rio model.
Last year, she gave preference to 84,729 Russian customers, which accounted for almost half of the total number of vehicles sold 2018-2019 Kia.

Besides Rio good popular with Russians use the crossover 2018-2019 Kia Sportage, and hatchback 2018-2019 Kia Seed, which were sold in the amount of 32,716 and 23,290 copies, respectively.

In the SUV 2018-2019 Kia Sorento, the new version of which was shown at the Moscow Motor Show in 2012, chose 13 310 customers.

The winners for the new 2018-2019 Kia Optima sedan Russia began 4617 motorists.

The following published ranking of sales of cars of 2018-2019 Kia with a brief overview of the models:

1. Sedan 2018-2019 Kia Rio

The length of the wheelbase 2018-2019 Kia Rio – 257 centimeters, two petrol unit volume of 1.4 and 1.6 liters.
Accordingly, at 107 and 123 horsepower.
Transmissions are also two – 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic.
It is clear that the best dynamics – 10.3 seconds from zero to 100 kilometers per hour – will provide the combination of a 1.6-liter engine and manual transmission.

2. Crossover 2018-2019 Kia Sportage

wheelbase length is limited to 264 centimeter mark and clearance height does not exceed 16.7 cm for versions with 17-inch wheels and 17.2 cm in the version with wheels 18 inches in diameter.
Depending on the equipment of the vehicle curb weight restyling ranging from 1980 to 2140 kg.
At the European and Russian markets restyled 2018-2019 Kia Sportage will be available with four powertrains to choose from.
The only gasoline 4-cylinder 16-valve 2-liter engine is fully compliant with environmental standards Euro-4.

3. Hatchback 2018-2019 Kia Ceed

For 2018-2019 Kia Ceed are available as diesel and gasoline engines, capacity from 1.4 to 1.6 liters.
Engine power of 100 horsepower – and for the budget balanced drivers, up to 135-minute power – for those who like to show the character of the road.
Developers fruitfully worked on the reduction of fuel consumption.
As for the diesel version of 2018-2019 Kia Ceed enough 4 liters of diesel fuel to overcome 100 kilometers.
For the most powerful engine available for the latest development of the company’s technology – automatic transmission with double clutch.

4. SUV 2018-2019 Kia Sorento

For SUV available two diesel motor in volume of 2.0 and 2.2 liters and 2.4-liter petrol engine.
According to the Korean automaker, less powerful diesel engine develops 148 horsepower.
The unit is a 2.2-liter considerably more powerful – 195 hp and gasoline engine produces 194 forces.
The current version of the 2018-2019 Kia Sorento in Russia is sold with a 2.4-liter diesel engine, manual transmission and front wheel drive.
Maximum off-road equipment – “automatic”, the diesel engine and all-wheel drive.

5. Sedan 2018-2019 Kia Optima

The range of updated 2018-2019 Kia Optima remained unchanged.
It includes gasoline aspirated 2.4-liter 202-horsepower engine and a turbocharged 2-liter engine, which develops power of 277 horsepower.
For the North American market is also invited to 206-hp hybrid version of the sedan.

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