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2018-2019 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

2018-2019 Jaguar E-Type was one of the most popular cars in the 60’s of last century.
The engineers were able to build an elegant model, which in this case was relatively inexpensive and one of the fastest at the time.
That is why the British were able to gather more than 70 thousand copies of this model.

However racing modifications are not too massive.
For example, in 1963 the special racing version of the 2018-2019 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight originally planned to build a total of 18 pieces, but released only 12.

The remaining six platforms until recently took place on one of the warehouses of the British company.
And after more than half a century, the automaker decided to give them a new life.

British engineers have recreated all 6 copies of 2018-2019 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight taking into account all available technologies middle of the last century.
As a result, it left at least different from the original 60s.

The elegant car body is made using aluminum and magnesium used in the manufacture of rims with a diameter of 15 inches.
Machine weight less than 1 ton minutes.

Before we see a convertible with a removable rigid roof.
In appearance 2018-2019 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight dominated by soft lines.
The original low silhouette of a model with an elongated hood is a masterpiece of automotive design.

Round headlights in harmony with the false radiator grille in the shape of an oval, and facial bumper existent.
Pointed rear of the car is underlined narrow optics and colors “news” is also no different from the original.

If we talk about the overall dimensions, the convertible 2018-2019 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight 2014 reaches a length of 444.0 cm, width rests on a mark of 165 centimeters and a height of not more than 119.4 centimeters.
wheelbase length of 244 cm.
The width of the front and rear track is the same – 127 centimeters.

British car salon is made in accordance with the canons of those years.
Finishing in the car rather scanty, everywhere naked metal striking.
Although the door panels, front panel and seats upholstered in fine leather called Connolly, but the vast steering wheel with three-spoke rim is decorated with natural wood.

The instrument panel has only tachometer and speedometer, and all other indicators are housed in the center console.
Note that all switches in the cabin 2018-2019 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight resemble tumblers in the cockpit.

Seats for the “new” car is also produced in the spirit of 60-ies of the last century, so they do not have headrests.
Security provides a framework of pipes, which means that the model is already prepared for the vintage car races.

Convertible 2018-2019 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight received at its disposal a gasoline inline 6-cylinder 12-valve power unit with a displacement of 3.8 liters (3781 cm / cc) and three 2-chamber carburetors, which, however, can be changed, if desired fuel injection, since it was part of a list of options for the original model from the 60s.

This engine develops around 344’s horsepower at 6800 rpm and about 380 Newton meters of maximum torque at 4500 rpm.
The motor is equipped with a mechanical 4-band transmission.
The top speed is 274 Convertible kilometers per hour.

As at the front, and at the stern 2018-2019 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight got fully independent spring suspension with stabilizer bars and double wishbones.
All the wheels of the machine are equipped with disc brakes, but there is no power steering.

Reborn convertible 2018-2019 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight was presented in 2014 at an exhibition of exclusive and classic models at Pebble Beach in the United States.

Shortly after the premiere of each of the 6 copies of the car has been sold for a large sum of 1 000 000 GBP (about 1.25 million euros).
It would seem – it’s expensive, but because the original machine production of the last century at auction sold for significantly higher amounts.

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