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2018-2019 Infiniti JX

The stylish exterior is complemented by 2018-2019 Infiniti JX powerful engine and comfortable interior.
Proportions and contours of the body, at a glimpse, it looks like Audi Q7 and the Mercedes-Benz R-Class.
But the front of the crossover puts everything in its place – a relief shape of the bonnet and slightly “squinting eye” optics fully consistent corporate style 2018-2019 Infiniti.

The crossover 2018-2019 Infiniti JX has absorbed all the best from the FX and QX models, as well as the latest innovative ideas and design solutions.
The car is presented in the -x 2 versions – with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.
The 2018-2019 Infiniti JX three-row seating for 7 people -th and an impressive trunk, which, if we add the third and second rows is increased to incredible sizes.

To facilitate the landing on the last row of seats, the second row seatback recline.
By the way, the second row can be shifted back and forth.
With regard to technical performance, the 2018-2019 Infiniti JX is equipped with 6-cylinder 24-valve V-engine volume of 3.5 liters and output of 265 horsepower.
Maximum torque of 336 Nm at 4400 rpm.

The power unit in the 2018-2019 Infiniti JX is equipped with the CVT stepless variator, which has 4 modes – standard, economic, sports and winter.
The driver may thus choose the best option based on traffic and weather conditions.

Buyers are offered a large range of security systems, which includes the system of detection of vehicles in the blind spot, the emergency braking system and the possible collision warning system.
2018-2019 Infiniti JX is also equipped with six airbags.

The car has a new built-in Bose sound system and 15 speakers.
The center console is a touch screen 7-inch display.
The new 2018-2019 Infiniti JX crossover is built on Nissan’s front-wheel chassis with “McPherson” type posts.
More expensive equipment has four-wheel drive with electronic clutch.

The Japanese company produces a new car, mainly for the North American market.
There he is to appear this spring, at a cost of 40,500 dollars.
Deliveries crossover 2018-2019 Infiniti JX to our market are scheduled for mid-2012 th year.

Specifications crossover 2018-2019 Infiniti JX.

* The length of the car – 4988 mm.

* The width of the car – 1960 mm.

* Vehicle height – 1722 mm.

* Ground clearance – 165 mm.

* Wheelbase – 2900 mm.

* The volume of the luggage compartment – 448 liters.

* The volume of the fuel tank – 74 liters.

* Engine capacity – 3498 cm / cu.

* Engine power – 265 hp at 6400 rev / min.

* Torque – 336 Nm at 4400 r / min.

* Average fuel consumption per 100 km – 12.4 liters.

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