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2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris

2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris is made ​​in St. Petersburg and was specially developed for the Russian.
It is estimated at 380 000 rubles, so the model is called the budget.
What is he, a Korean Russian?
Debutant pleases the eye with fresh and bright design, its plastic form immediately attract attention.
Trim, though not rich, but they are all very comfortable and very cute.

From the point of view of ergonomics – no complaints about the car, except that too bright blue backlight is a bit confusing, but it is regulated.
The inner space of the imagination is not striking, but also closely Solaris does not name.
The car, though positioned as a 5-seater, but the rear is conveniently close to people will only be two of them.
Here, by the way, only two head restraints, in other matters, the three here, after all, you can fit.

As they say – in close quarters, but not mad.
Typically, budget cars are equipped with very modestly, but Solaris is irrelevant, it is possible to pack on the full program.
Rarely a car in this price range can be obtained from stereo-enabled Bluetooth, with exchange rate stability mechanism, the possibility of access to the interior without a key and engine start button.
But all this additional option, many would say.

And it’s true, but even basic equipment Solaris can not be called poor.
The kit includes power steering, driver’s airbag, electric windows and central locking.
The engine, with a working volume of 1.6 liters, has a decent power – 123 hp
It is enough for the energetic movement.
And “automatic” is set up as it should, without delay and gently shifts gears, it is a pity that the box is not the most modern 4-step design.

But Solaris is able to save the family budget, it can be refilled relatively inexpensive 92-m gasoline.
The Koreans tried to approximate a novelty to the Russian reality, and it is felt.
A car with ease and almost silently swallows pits and potholes, and most importantly – its ground clearance increased to more than decent, both for passenger foreign cars, 16 centimeters.
With this indicator, you can easily vskarapkatsya on the curb, not being afraid to tear a silencer, but if he’s already divorced, should refer to the master mufflers.
Generally Solaris – that is necessary for our roads Affordable car does not have to be technically obsolete, low-power, and ugly, and proved that 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris in the example..

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