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2018-2019 Honda Vezel – arranging tunes Jazzovoy

The new compact crossover 2018-2019 Honda Vezel presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in November , just a month after the premiere appeared in the salons of official dealers. New on sale on December 20 this year, but so far, however, only in Japan, at a price of 1.87 million yen (a little more than 590 thousand) for the basic package with 2018-2019 Honda Wesel 1.5-liter gasoline engine and front-wheel drive. We hasten to please Russian motorists – the new compact crossover 2018-2019 Honda Vezel will be available in Russia officially the second half of .

The youngest representative in the crossover SUV lineup of 2018-2019 Honda Wezel built on the Global Compact Series platform, which is used not only in the production of the hatchback the 2018-2019 Honda the Fit / the Jazz , but also forms the basis of sedan 2018-2019 Honda City. The management plans of the Japanese company in to launch serial production of several new products based on this “dolly”.

Information about what the Japanese are preparing a new compact crossover has appeared more than a year ago, and conceptually show 2018-2019 Honda Urban SUV Concept at the Auto Show in Detroit (January ) crossover made it clear how it will look approximately Autonovelties.

Judging by the first photos and video with the image of the serial crossover 2018-2019 Honda Vezel can safely say that the news looks almost exactly the same striking exterior design Urban SUV conceptual model. And let the headlights were a little easier, and exterior mirrors have increased in size, and there were the traditional handles on the front doors, but in the rest of the production version of the crossover 2018-2019 Honda kept Wesel new designs and concept pieces.

The original face of the crossover with stylish headlamps, which are present in the filling of double LED headlight low beam and garlands LED daytime running lights. Huge bumper with two-level air intake, ovals protivotumanok and striking aerodynamic (spoiler and skirt). In general, a compact with review Wezel front is very similar to the elder brother of the 2018-2019 Honda the CR-the V , both the crossover look solid and recklessly, but in this relationship in the exterior finishes.

The side surfaces of the body cars show typical for modern crossovers stylistic decisions, but bold and original way. The domed roof line, the doors of the second row to the masked handle, compact food, plenty of waves, spikes and vyshtampovok on the wings and doors – stylish hatchback or coupe, and not a crossover.

The rear of the car body is also not without its bright decisions of Japanese designers. Large, stylish and original overall ceiling lighting with LEDs, a large tailgate glass is decorated with small wave vyshtampovki, miniature bumper dressed in a black plastic clothes. Black not painted plastic in addition to the rear bumper are closed and the lower edge of the front bumper, body sills and the edges of the wheel arches. For the design of 2018-2019 Honda Vezel shamelessly put a solid 5 points with a big plus.

  • External dimensions of the body of a compact crossover 2018-2019 Honda Vezel are: 4295 mm long, 1770 mm wide, 1605 mm high, 2610 mm wheelbase, 1535 mm Front track, 1540 mm rear track, ground clearance version with front-wheel drive 185 mm and four-wheel drive 4WD clearance of 170 mm.
  • The curb weight of the crossover with a gasoline engine depending on the type of drive and the equipment level is from 1190 kg to 1270 kg. Mass version 2018-2019 Honda Vezel Hybrid, respectively, 1270-1380 kg. The fuel tank in both versions installed under the seats of the first row and holds 40 liters.
  • Miniature Japanese crossover is equipped with tires 215 / 60R16 or 215 / 55R17 on the steel rims and alloy size 16 17th radius. As an option you can order a large radius of the wheels 18 light alloy with tires 225 / 45R18.
  • Selecting enamel color options for coloring the body rather wide: white, silver, dark gray, purple, black, bright blue, dark red and dark green.

The main leitmotif of the interior of the new 2018-2019 Honda Wesel – this is the maximum possible size of the cabin and luggage space with compact external dimensions of the body. Salon crossover boasts a length of 1930 mm from the front to the backs of the rear row of seats, in 1485 mm wide and 1265 mm in height from floor to ceiling. Cargo space with the stowed state holds 453 liters at hybrid version is less than 60 liters – 393 liters. The width of the trunk opening 1180 mm, depth to seat backs of the second row of 800 mm.

Thanks to the transformation of the separate rear seats Magic Seat backrest can be lowered forward while receiving a flat floor and luggage volume of around 1500 liters, cushion chair lift and carry the luggage in the cabin, and even expanding the front passenger seat back and rear lowering transport items is longer than 2 meters. Loading height boot floor is only 650 mm.

Do not forget the developers and the high functionality of the equipment and practicality, comfort and comfort for five passengers. Seats for driver and front passenger with a wide range of adjustments, proper backrest profile and the bright side support. The rear seat cushion and high-mounted vertical landing, legroom in the rear seat like a large size crossover. The passengers of average height can easily sit thrown his legs.

The driver is organized properly and functional, with a comfortable and logical placement of all equipment. Multi-function steering wheel with a thicker rim and tides in the area of ​​the right grip is regulated in two planes, the instrument panel – multi-graphic display, color 7-inch touchscreen multimedia system is located on the top of the center console and with a stylish control unit air conditioning system is deployed in the driver’s side .

The interior of the 2018-2019 Honda Vezel present original and stylish solutions in the form of a two-storey central tunnel with the sliding armrest and cupholders under it, hidden away on the first floor of the connectors for connecting gadgets and digital media, additional narrow deflector ventilation system ensures a higher quality experience aircon.

For the new compact crossover the Japanese provided a long list of basic and optional equipment. SUV is equipped with ABS, TCS, VSA, an electronic handbrake, electric power steering, an assistant at the start of the hill, advanced multimedia touch screen system (navigation, rearview camera, music DVD CD MP3 USB AUX, Bluetooth, internet access), LED illuminated front of the cabin and the door panel and backlit interior, heated front seats, mirrors and rest areas wipers, foglights with LEDs, parking sensors front and rear, dual-zone climate control, cruise control, keyless access and starting the engine by pushing a button, leather or combined finish chairs and other trifles.

Specifications: new crossover from the start of sales of 2018-2019 Honda Vezel available with two engines.

  • The first traditional gasoline engine 1.5-liter I-VTEC (131 hp 155 Nm), with direct fuel injection into the cylinders engine is equipped with variable valve timing and a start-stop function. He was selected to help the CVT CVT, front-wheel drive or all wheel 4WD. Average fuel consumption of 4.8-5.2 liters.
  • For 2018-2019 Honda Vezel Hybrid Hybrid – power plant, which consists of a gasoline engine 1.5L I-VTEC (132 hp 156 Nm) with electronically controlled fuel supply (system 2018-2019 Honda PGM-FI) and an electric motor I-DCD (29,5 hp 160 Nm ), their job synchronizes 7 automatic transmission with dual clutch (transfer can be changed using the paddle), also in the presence of lithium-ion batteries. Interestingly, the hybrid version is also available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive transmission Real Time AWD (Electronic distributes torque hybrid powerplant Sport Hybrid i-DCD axes). The hybrid version of the crossover content depending on the type of drive on average 3.7-4.2 liters of gasoline.

In the future we plan to issue crossover with a diesel engine and a powerful gasoline engine.
Diesel four-cylinder engine capacity of 1.6-liter i-DTEC will be under the hood of a car designed to be sold in Europe, and probably in Russia.
The prospects equip new crossover 2018-2019 Honda Wesel gasoline turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with 280 returns in force.
Production of 2018-2019 Honda Vezel LHD will be the new company’s plant in Mexico.

Added: new 2018-2019 Honda Vezel not appeared in Russia, but the Russian motorists will offer a European version of the compact crossover called 2018-2019 Honda HR-V in the beginning of .

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