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2018-2019 Honda N-Box

According to the Japanese – the compact class must be spacious and comfortable.
This includes the 2018-2019 Honda N-Box, which is manufactured in December 2011-th year.
This so-called class of kie – vehicles no longer than 3.4 meters, a width of 1.48 meters and a small engine capacity of up to 0.66 liters.
In Japan, the host kie-kar pays 2 times smaller annual tax and the registration can not impose a mandatory certificate of parking space available.

Microvit 2018-2019 Honda N-Box has a length of 3395 mm, width – 1475 mm, height – 1770 mm and can be equipped with two 0.66-liter engine options to choose from – the atmospheric or turbocharged.
In fact, 2018-2019 Honda N-Box almost like a mitten in the children’s tale, which can hold more passengers than it looks from the outside.
Here four people can comfortably stay without any problems.
And space for the rear passengers’ feet is enough.

Through the large windows, straight walls and vertical landing – 2018-2019 Honda N-Box is not only good visibility, but also creates a sense of spaciousness.
With the rear seats folded the trunk is impressive impressive size, and there are several options for transformation.
How to load luggage through the back door and through any of the side.
Interior 2018-2019 Honda N-Box will be even more impressive budget option.

Some equipment has leather trim, paddle switches gears, servos – until the electric opening tailgate.
The movement even aspirated variant (58 hp at 7300 rev / min and 65 Nm at 3500 r / min) enough to “mobility” (the Japanese company has always made ​​great low-capacity power units).
And all-wheel drive turbocharged version of the Custom (64 hp at 6000 rev / min and 104 Nm at 2600 r / min) – just super.

Transmission from the 2018-2019 Honda N-Box – the CVT variator, which still supports high speed motor, and because of this interior somewhat noisy.
In the presence of a manual gear shift mode and Sport mode.
Now 2018-2019 Honda N-Box is available exclusively for the Japanese market, and its price starts from 15 ti thousand dollars.

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