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2018-2019 Ford Transit

Minibuses – popular and very practical.
One of the most popular in Europe is enhanced 2018-2019 Ford Transit.
Improvements touched mainly the power unit.
Therefore, Transit is an economical and environmentally friendly, and meet all the requirements ekonorm Euro – 5. Also new is improved korrozostoykost.
Some details of the new FORDe galvanized.

The warranty against rust perforation for 12 years.
Another innovation is called the improved noise insulation, which brings it to cars.
Inside the abundance of all kinds of shelves, drawers and holders.
With the placement of the various details and papers will be no problems.
Depending on the modifications or cabin is equipped with a double bed and the driver’s seat, and two separate seating areas.
At 2018-2019 Ford Transit installed a rearview camera, an image which is displayed on the display, which is above the salon mirror.
Due to this maneuver in reverse quite easily.

And Transit is equipped with heated windscreen.
The passenger modification Limited conveniently located 8 persons and luggage is still plenty of room.
The side sliding door, depending on the version of Transit, can be on either side.
The interior design has a similarity with the passenger models of 2018-2019 Ford.
Available optional pack Eco – Pack, which includes Start & Stop system and a speed limiter.
He does not give acceleration to speeds of over 110 km.
at one o’clock.
But it is possible to disable the Eco button.
In the basic version are equipped with safety systems such as ABS and EBD, and will have to pay extra for air conditioning.
Transit Length 5230 mm, width – 1974 mm, height – 2302 mm.
Body Type – closed box.
Number of doors 5, seats -.
wheelbase of 3300 mm.
a curb weight of 2153 kg.
Volume of luggage from 3000 to 7000 liters.
Volume of the tank – 80 l.
Diesel Engine R4.

Valves – 4 per cylinder.
Engine size 2198 cm. cube.
Maximum torque of 330 Nm at 1800 rpm.
in a minute.
Drivetrain – front.
Transmission 6 – speed manual.
Tires 205/65 R16.
Average fuel consumption according to the manufacturer, is 8 liters per 100 km.
maintenance intervals – 25,000 km.

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