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2018-2019 Ford S-Max: a great car for large families

At the Geneva Motor Show, held back in 2006, 2018-2019 Ford has demonstrated the society large S-Max (although less vast Galaxy).
In 2010, the S-Max minivan was updated, becoming more attractive and modern …

Great ship, great diving – this phrase, and we should start a detailed acquaintance with mnivenom 2018-2019 Ford S-Max.
To understand what the C-Max and the truth is not small, it is necessary to turn to the vehicle dimensions: length – 4768 mm, width – 1884 mm, height – 1658 mm.
In regard to the S-Max design executed in a kinetic style that at any given time know many representatives of the manufacturer.
This 2018-2019 Ford minivan – this is some unusual minivan, because thanks to use design and solutions, “American” combines sheer style universal family car with some hints of sportiness (as would be funny or strange as it may sound, but it is actually ). 2018-2019 Ford S-Max is very attractive, literally everything in his appearance arouses interest and makes the draw eyes. Looking at a minivan, a feeling that he is in constant motion, not just stand still. The modern, light-emitting diode optics, both in front, and back successfully complement the overall look and the concept of the car, and a lot of glass throughout the body (including the panoramic roof, as a matter of option) gives it a distinctive personality.
Inside the 2018-2019 Ford C-Max can be 5 – or 7-seater, depending on your preference.
But even seven riders minivan seats with unusual ease, each of them is a true comfort.
A convenient and unique system allows you to transform 2018-2019 Ford FoldFlatSystem interior as required by the situation: you need to carry a lot of passengers and baggage little or a lot of cargo and few riders, but you can all at the same time.
Cargo space in the 2018-2019 Ford S-Max ranges from 285 to 2000 liters of usable volume.
C-Max Shop is not just good, it really is gorgeous!
All plastic interior quality and squeaky, and the ability to trim the skin soft and the road is able to equate Windsor minivan for cars premium class.
An extensive list of equipment makes the 2018-2019 Ford S-Max even more valuable, and not only in terms of money.
For example, for a minivan available quality music with great sound, air conditioning creates a comfortable environment for travel.
A DVD- system in which the database includes the navigator, will not allow to get lost and will not get bored.
At long trips on the highway, coming to the aid of adaptive cruise control, which is not only capable of holding the vehicle on a given band and a given speed, but also to monitor the distance to the vehicle traveling ahead.
We can say with full confidence that the 2018-2019 Ford C-Max is entirely suitable for the title of universal, secure vehicle for a large family!
Now for the technical characteristics of the 2018-2019 Ford S-Max.
Variety selection as powertrains and powertrain types – this is another positive quality of the US minivan.
Judge for yourself, five engines are available for it: four running on gasoline, and one that operates on heavy fuel.
Diesel has a turbocharged 2.0-liter, and its capacity of 140 “horses”. As the “second half” with him are possible 6 -skorostnaya manual or automatic transmission.
Power is not very high for a fairly large car, but it is enough to get up to speed at 100 km / h in 10.2 seconds with the “mechanics” and 11.6 seconds with the “automatic”.
In this case, the maximum speed is approximately equal to 196 km / h against 193, of course, in favor of a manual box.
Well, all sorted out with a diesel engine, it is time to take up its petrol counterparts!
As already mentioned, there are four.
The weakest – 2.0-liter unit, which has at its disposal 145 horsepower.
The set for them is only mechanical transmission with five gears.
With such power aggregate, S-Max transfer any hundred for 10.9 seconds and is able to dial 197 km / h.
Next in the hierarchy list -. 2.3-liter engine with 161 “horse” at the disposal Despite high power and in particular because of the “machine”, 2018-2019 Ford S-Max is gaining 100 km / h in 0.3 seconds slower than the 145 -strong motor, and “maximum speed” below 3 km / h.
2.0-liter engine returns 200 horsepower -. Fiery “heart” of gasoline having turbocharging (as opposed to the previous two) Due to brisk, 6 -skorotnoy robotised transmission, this C-Max is endowed with significant dynamic characteristics So, in 8.5. seconds, large minivan will have to race at a speed of 100 km / h, but if the wait a little, then do pick up 220 km / h. Yes, not bad, even very bad, but … but even this is not the limit, because there is a more powerful power unit!
Yes, yes, even more powerful and spirited 240-strong 2.0-liter engine with turbocharging is a couple with the same “robot”, but only by 0.6 seconds and 15 km / h faster Yes, for a minivan similar characteristics -. Large rarity, and 2018-2019 Ford S-Max has them. Regardless of the power unit, the 2018-2019 Ford C-Max shines economy, despite the curb weight from 1605 to 1676 kg.
What’s missing from the car, so it’s all-wheel drive (front only possible), because as it certainly would have chosen many options.
Despite its size, 2018-2019 Ford S-Max perfectly kept on the road and is very stable, largely due to the power steering good steering settings, as well as the right suspension settings.
In addition, for the 2018-2019 Ford minivan available to many systems that help the driver.
For example, ESP system, traction control, and a system that helps during emergency braking.
In 2013, the 2018-2019 Ford C-Max is available in three different trim levels: Trend, Titanium and Sport.
First you can get for $ 1 035 000 to 1 253 thousand rubles, depending on the engine, transmission type and equipment.
Happy owner of a 2018-2019 Ford S-Max Titanium can be for the price of 1 097 000 to 1 315 000 rubles, depending on the same attributes as the previous configuration.
On the packaging the 2018-2019 Ford C-Max Sport set price from 1 339 000 to 1 486 ​​000 rubles.
It is available only in the most powerful, 240-strong unit.

2018-2019 Ford S-Max – this is in truth a great minivan, which is able to satisfy even demanding customers.
And in this case, the price for one million rubles just do not scare, because paying it finds something more than just a minivan!

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