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2018-2019 Ford Mondeo year made it to Russia

Finally, to the Russian motorists got long been presented in the world of 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo Mk V. This is a version of the model year , although the world premiere of the car took place back in .

New 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo

In Russia, the serial production will start in December at the car factory in Vsevolozhsk. In the networks of the new 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo authorized dealers will be in spring . The fifth generation model has passed a thorny road from the Detroit Auto Show , presented the twin brother 2018-2019 Ford Fusion, in January , with a further world premiere in autumn . FORD Mondeo.
Despite the different names, and significant differences previous generations of models, Mondeo and Fusion are a single model.

It is not just about the interior and exterior design, but also on the technical component. The paradox of the situation is that the new product has already passed the test of time, because selling the first copies started immediately after the car in the US – in the summer of . Europeans in this regard seriously podotstal. Although Mondeo they met in , but the possibility of buying them has appeared only in the autumn of . The fifth generation can really be considered as a welcome.

The new Mondeo is a competitor recently updated the Honda the Accord , the Hyundai the Sonata , the Kia the Optima .

The price of the new 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo

With the start of sales it has become known and the price of the American business class. Europeans, he will be offered from 27 150 EUR. The price for the Russian market will be known closer to spring.
The review will relate to the model of , the fifth generation 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo. Although since then the model has not changed, but the available information has become an order of magnitude greater. It’s about the made in Russia and Russian versions of the model.

The design of the new 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo

The need in the general review of the external design is not, because information from official and unofficial sources for a long time is freely available.

LED headlights Mondeo 5 generations

Suffice it to note that the exterior of the Americans succeeded quite stylish and original. More details should focus on the individual elements and parts of the body model year .
When viewed from the front of the new 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo 5, in the eye catches grille, made in the style of sports cars Aston Martin, and modified lights head light.

Looking closely to the grille, with the style and you can see the solidity and rather pragmatic approach. It is about equipping blinds that closing can improve the car’s aerodynamics. Headlamp LED only, although as an option. 2018-2019 Ford Dynamic LED can count on near and far light with swivel mechanism, the dynamic direction indicators and daytime running lights.

2018-2019 Ford Mondeo , side view

The profile view appears before us vyshtampovki fashionable, high window sill compact line on which the glass settled, dome-shaped roof line and the right wheel arch cutouts. Complemented by the general picture of the side rear-view mirrors on the legs and stylish troughs alternating with the same bulges.

New 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo , rear view

Feed the American design engineers turned out accurate and at the same time stylish. The compact rear lights with LED filling, as well as a large sedan for the bumper with diffuser and cut-outs for pipes of the exhaust system emphasize the sportier style of Mondeo. Most of the boot lid allows access to the storage space of 458 liters in the version liftbek and is subject to finding in the boot of a spare wheel. Sedan has a slightly smaller trunk. In it you will be able to download the baggage of not more than 453 liters.

liftbek access to the trunk of the new 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo in by means of the actuator

Sales of 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo Mk V in in Russia will begin to offer four-door sedan. Over time, the model year may appear in the five-door version liftbek. But in the Mondeo station wagon Russians do not count. The fact is that the domestic market is completely inactive on the issue of the demand for business-class cars in this type of body. Historically.
In addition to the volume of the luggage compartment and the rear part of the design, the sedan and liftbek not very distinguishable. Even external dimensions they are completely identical.

New 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo dimensions

  • a length of the car is 4872 mm;
  • width – 1852 mm, excluding side mirrors and 1911 mm with them;
  • height – 1478 mm;
  • wheelbase of both versions is 2850 mm;
  • and ground clearance – 128 mm;
  • Given the realities of domestic roads, manufactured in the Russian version will be increased to 145 mm ground clearance.

The basic version of 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo 5, depending on the equipment, is equipped with wheels 215/60 R16 or 235/50 R17. As an option you can order a car with big wheels 235/45 R18 or 235/40 R19. Regardless of the size of the wheels, they are equipped with alloy wheels. Offers a variety of options allows you to personalize your car as much as possible, pick up a disc to taste.

Salon and assembly of the new 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo

The interior, as mentioned earlier, a sign and did not differ from their American or European counterparts. But the build quality and materials used is poor. Details of the budget of plastic with uneven gaps between them, allow to doubt the validity of the business class. He, incidentally, are available at quite a decent amount – about 30,000 EUR. And the equipment is not the richest, most of the equipment is only available as a fee-based options, some of which will not be offered at all the Russian consumer.


Surcharge will apply to a ten multi-color screen is located on the dashboard, multimedia complex 2018-2019 Ford SYNC 2, which in addition to the touch screen of 20.3 cm, will provide voice control, navigation, music and telephone. Also free will not get a security system, parking assistant and advanced multicontour front row seats with massage, heating and ventilation.
The basic equipment of the fifth generation of American flagship includes: audio system, dual-zone climate control, rear-view mirrors, electric and repeater lamps, electric drive windows all doors, multifunctional steering wheel with leather trim rims, front fog lights, central locking and ABS , EBD, ESP, BAS, Hill Start Assist.

Rear seat

Assessing the capacity of the new Mondeo saloon, just want to note that this high-grade five-seater. The driver and all four passengers will feel equally comfortable here. The rear seat is equipped with heating and ventilation. It is an interesting proposal and inflatable seat belts. Such a solution is found in much more expensive Mercedes S-class .

Specifications 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo

Getting acquainted with the technical equipment offered by the Russian market, the version of the Mondeo, immediately noted the absence of a diesel engine. Offers will only petrol power units working together with the automatic gearshift shestirezhimnoy PowerShift. Aspirated 2.5-liter engine capable of producing 150 hp power, working at the same time on a 92-m gasoline.

Engine Mondeo 5

Next come two turbocharged 2.0-liter engine EcoBost series. The first is capable of producing 203 hp power and torque of 300 Nm. Acceleration to the first 100 km / h, it provides for 8.7 seconds at the maximum rate of 232 km / h and an average fuel consumption of 5.6 liters. The second engine of the same series can count on 240 hp power and 340 Nm of torque, allowing it to accelerate to 100 km / h in 7.9 seconds and reach a maximum of 240 km / h. Average fuel consumption of the engine is 5.9 liters.

2018-2019 Ford Mondeo 5 Suspension

Fifth-generation Mondeo 2018-2019 Ford CD4 created on the platform. Suspension of all wheels independent, multi-link rear and front – using MacPherson struts. Disc brakes front and rear wheels have a fairly simple structure – and one piston floating caliper. No, this does n speaks of them in a negative way, but on the contrary, the brakes were quite robust. Electric power steering has been used to improve manageability.
Video Test Drive 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo year:

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