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2018-2019 Ford Kuga compact crossover

The advertisement said 2018-2019 Ford Kuga – “start with a clean slate.”
Probably a clean sheet, we can assume a new stage for 2018-2019 Ford – the release of a compact crossover.
In the sense that history is written again, no hands are tied, and if so, the 2018-2019 Ford Kuga can be done by anyone.
It should be noted, the Americans really have a broad imagination.
The attempt failed, and they have created perhaps the most emotional crossover today.

You look at it and happy about life.
The interior is not too impressive, though, as always pleases the eye.
Not to mention the version of “Titanium”, in which the soft plastic is combined with polished aluminum.
When it comes to ergonomics, all at a decent level – well-read instrumentation, comfortable seats, climate-friendly unit.
To say that the interior of the Kuga is a benchmark, it would be too presumptuous.
First of all it prevents located in diagonal gear lever.

On even-numbered gears it makes the driver too arch hand, quite getting into the horizon.
2018-2019 Ford Kuga, equipped with a 2-liter, with a capacity of 140 hp gasoline engine, leaves a good impression of their behavior on the road.
Confident set rate already at low revs, is replaced by a powerful turbopodhvatom making Kuga leader in traffic light races.
Short transmission works in time with the engine, making the set speed pretty exciting experience, the essence of which lies in the multi-injection turbo boost.

There is no specific complaints and chassis tuning, the car happy little rolls in the corners, minimal bodywork buildup on uneven terrain and decent steering feedback link.
His character Kuga best shows on the road.
What eventually happened?
Americans from scratch could create the perfect SUV?
Of course not, although they were a few steps away from it.

One single diesel engine and manual gearbox, in our day too little in the pursuit of perfection.
If American companies specialists managed to draw a couple of engines for the car, and most importantly – automatic transmission, that’s when the picture was complete cost 2018-2019 Ford Kuga -. 1 000 000 rubles.

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