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2018-2019 Ford Ka + – the third generation city car

The new third-generation 2018-2019 Ford Ka gained + prefix to his name. It is worth noting that the novelty is only for 2018-2019 Ford of Europe, in fact, it has long been known in Central Asia, more specifically in India.

New 2018-2019 Ford Ka Plus year

2018-2019 Ford ka plus is nothing more than a modified version of the famous 2018-2019 Ford Figo there, which is produced from . Until now, it was only sold in India and South America, and soon five-door 2018-2019 Ford Ka Plus will be available anywhere in the world.

Appearance and change the city car 2018-2019 Ford Ka +

In principle, the appearance turned out successful, the car itself is compact, but still it looks quite modern and stylish. Of course, he was far from his older brothers 2018-2019 Ford Focus and Fiesta , but it can easily compete with, for example, the Kia Rio .

2018-2019 Ford Ka + , a side view

Developers responsibly approached the launch of the model to the European market. The Indian version of the city car has passed a major upgrade, after a long run on a special testing ground. The consequence of the modernization of steel adaptive steering adjustment, modification undergone and springs with shock absorbers.

Anti-roll bars have become more stringent as the rear and front subframe and engine mountings received other fastening.

2018-2019 Ford Ka Plus , rear view

Due to the new springs was reduced by 2.5 cm clearance. Unlike the version of India, the European model will also optional on 15-inch wheels with new tires.

In general, the suspension has become more rigid and steering become more responsive and precise. But as a whole, and what has changed in appearance and interior?

Interior 2018-2019 Ford Ka plus

As for the interior, it is not unlike the Indian model, to be more precise, they are identical. Everything is made fresh, stylish and with a high degree of functionality. However, there is still the disadvantage are materials that have been used for finishing. It can be seen with the naked eye, that these materials are cheap and low quality (budget impenetrable plastic and fabric upholstery).

Inside, striking the thick steering wheel, a large front panel that displays enough information. The center console is effectively allocated on the general background, the front seats have little lateral support. Back row could easily accommodate three people, without any discomfort. Trunk volume is sufficient to 270 liters.

Salon 2018-2019 Ford Ka +

What will happen in the minimum configuration? And there will be as much as 6 airbags, air conditioning, electric front windows, electric adjustment of side mirrors. From entertainment modern audio system that has 4 speakers. There will also be traction and Protivootkatnaja system, ABS and an assistant when starting off uphill.

Richer grade will boast:

– Climate control,

– Cruise control

– Heated front seats,

– Audio premium

– Heated side mirrors,

– Parking assistant,

– Rear power windows,

– Leather steering wheel and gearshift knob.

Dimensions of the new 2018-2019 Ford Ka Body Plus

Dimensions quite compact, it is:

  • 3 m long 93 cm
  • 1 m 69 cm in width,
  • 1.5 meters in height,
  • Clearance of 15 cm;
  • and 249 cm between the axles.

Specifications 2018-2019 Ford Ka +

The model is soplatformennika with the 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta, ie Platform fiscal and FWD. Includes the EUR and the classical brake system (front disc, rear drum), and the suspension of the classical type with racks McPherson front and semi-dependent rear beam.

It should be noted that all motors are presented in two versions, unlike 2018-2019 Ford Figo. Recall that in the Indian version had and diesel powertrains. Here is aspirated gasoline volume of 1.2 liters:

  1. The first has a capacity of 70 hp and a maximum torque of 105 Nm, working in tandem with the 5-speed manual, acceleration to hundreds of places with more than 15 seconds;
  2. The second more powerful, it is the peak of 85 horses and 112 Nm of torque, running on the same box as the first, but to disperse hundreds already 13.5 seconds.

The average fuel consumption of the engine to both averages up to 5 liters.

Price 2018-2019 Ford Ka + (Plus)

Although there is no news yet on sale, but you can already order it at a price of 10,000 euros, the truth will not get a car before October . As for Russia, the sales of new products in our country, even in the near future is not planned.

Videos 2018-2019 Ford Ka + (Plus) :

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