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2018-2019 Ford Focus ST the most popular hot hatch in Europe

During the last quarter of last year the share of model 2018-2019 Ford Focus ST in the segment of “charged” hatchback in the European market has grown to 44 -x percent, making it the most popular car among the “classmates”.

Over the last three months of 2012 -Year owners of 2018-2019 Ford Focus ST began 1984 European motorist.
In addition, the “charged” third-generation hatchback has become the sales leader in its segment in the UK markets, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.
In total, since last summer, when the “hot» 2018-2019 Ford Focus ST has appeared in Europe, sales volumes amounted to 3 thousand 819 units.
Among this number by 5 -door hatchback account for 74 percent, and the versatile – 26 per cent.
Also note that 41% of all models sold were white, 28% were black shade, and 17% were orange.
In second place in the segment proved Volkswagen Golf GTI previous generation, whose share in the European market during the same period was 33 percent.
Also in the top three to twelve percent located 3 -door Renault Megane RS.
Recall that the “hot» 2018-2019 Ford Focus ST is equipped with a turbocharged 4-cylinder 2-liter engine producing 250 horsepower and maximum torque of 360 Newton-meters.
The couple offered to the power unit 6 A range manual gearbox.
Maximum speed of the car reaches 248 kilometers per hour -th.
On acceleration from zero to the first “hundred” model requires 6.5 seconds, compared to the previous generation car faster by 0.3 seconds.

Note that in the Russian market 2018-2019 Ford Focus ST is available in hatchback and wagon.
Prices start respectively from 1.2335 million and 1.3085 million rubles.

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