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2018-2019 Ford Focus Sport Limited Edition: like sport

That is the 2018-2019 Ford Focus, which has been recognized as the most popular car C-class in the world, received a special version.
In fact, it’s a couple of additional decorative elements and all.
But as it sounds – 2018-2019 Ford Focus Sport Limited Edition!
Already the blood run cold in his veins.

It would seem that all is well in Focus – sales are in full swing, recognition, awards … In April, the car was awarded “Car of the Year in Russia” award, and before that will get the world best selling title.

But as they say, there is no limit to perfection: the Russian representation of “2018-2019 Ford” has decided to warm up a little more interest in the car.
I come to the aid of the classical technique – special version.
The very name of the Limited Edition’s great animates sales, well and consoles Sport altogether mesmerizing buyer.
It does not matter that there is nothing supernatural, but «Sport» for the three additional words – it sounds good …

Actually, the differences from the conventional Focus c gulkin nose – extended rear spoiler, modified the shift lever knob (only for PCR), 16 -inch alloy wheels of those buyers usually Focus offered for a fee, and chrome rear label.
The rest – sport front seats with increased lateral support, side airbags, dark bezel headlamps and the ESP – and there are civilian versions.

2018-2019 Ford Focus Sport Limited Edition will be available in hatchback and wagon body styles with 1.6-liter 125-strong 2-liter or 150-strong motors.
Hatchback will cost at least 713,500 rubles, the versatile 10 000 rubles more expensive.

How to declare themselves “fordovtsy” by buying a limited edition, you save about 40 000 compared to the conventional Focus, besides dealers «2018-2019 Ford» constantly offer special promotions and bonus programs.

Is work-top box “Sport” in the name of a limited version of the Focus for sale, is not yet known, but in general, a manufacturer 2018-2019 Ford has once again proved that the consumer would not teshilsya only be bought regularly.

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