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Ford Focus 2018-2019 will receive Active City Stop system

You can place an order for a model Focus 2018-2019 th model year in the Russian dealer showrooms of 2018-2019 Ford.

As an option, the machine will offer to the system Active City Stop Auto Brake, which has a light sensor to monitor the distance to the vehicle in front and calculating the probability of a collision.

If the driver takes no action to avoid a collision, Active City Stop lowers the torque of the power unit includes a light alarm and activates the brake system.

As stated in the American company, 2018-2019 Ford Focus, equipped with a system capable of independently avoid an accident at a speed not exceeding 15 kilometers per hour ti and to minimize the impact in a collision at a speed of no more than 30-ti km / h.

An optional Active City Stop will be available for the 2014 2018-2019 Ford Focus th model year versions of equipment Titanium, Trend Sport and Sport Limited Edition.

The system will be offered complete with a heated windshield, and its cost will be 13 600 rubles.

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