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2018-2019 Ford F-150 Raptor – the conqueror of the best off-road

Updated pickup-SUV 2018-2019 Ford F-150 the new model year Raptor – this is the second generation of the car, which in 2010 literally blew up the automotive world.

The new F150 Raptor

It was a real, not just a hand-built pickup rover copies, with factory warranty, just to win the market, won the hearts of even those who are never going to leave the motorway for cozy off-road.

The heir to the glorious ancestor of the model line is the weight a little easier, but will retain all of its off-road advantages, as, indeed, and image.

The new Raptor will be based on the platform of the usual pick-up 2018-2019 Ford F-150 one of the last generations. But such a stationing is not necessary to be taken literally, as a special development team had to make multiple changes to the iron dinosaur felt off the road, at home, and to move around there without much slowness.

Design F-150 Raptor in the new body

2018-2019 Ford F-150 Raptor found a new generation, as it should in such cases, and new features. Somewhere it is similar to the more modest fellow 2018-2019 Ford F-150, but the situation requires …

Noteworthy decorated top three LED lights false radiator grille gigantic proportions, which are secured letters of the name of the manufacturer, the size of which is impressive.

F-150 Raptor SuperCrew , front view

Bumper lattice much more modest, and it is towing hooks, impression, trying not to disturb. In comparison with soplatformennika raptor six inches wider, since without special stability off-road to do nothing.

Alloy wheels with a diameter of 17 inches for cars accustomed as specially designed for off-road tires. The wheel arches at the edges are protected mechanically strong plastic. The exhaust system is topped with two large pipes.

On board the cargo compartment made available in good style lettering 2018-2019 Ford Raptor.

2018-2019 Ford F-150 a semi-cabin in a new body

Composite materials and aluminum alloys have done their job, pick lighter than its predecessor by almost 200 kg. And yes, the modification will be on SuperCab thirties centimeters shorter SuperCrew version. Quite a big difference, but it can be noticed only when set up two machines side by side.

Inside the cabin 2018-2019 Ford Raptor

2018-2019 Ford for its top models are always picking up not the cheapest finishing materials, and Raptor is not an exception in this sense. High-quality leather, a great plastic, aluminum alloys and gorgeous fabric in the hands of good designers become a real gem of a pickup-SUV.

interior of the new 2018-2019 Ford F-150

As the second row – it is unknown, but the first row of seats are equipped with electric motors, heating elements, side supports. On the center console – an eight-inch screen, a color not monochrome. Style instrument panel blends harmoniously into the overall design intent. But interior is very similar to that of a competitor of the new Dodge Ram 1500 The Rebel .

In the information and entertainment complex is also an eight-inch My2018-2019 Ford Touch screen, touch, of course. On the ceiling there is the console through which additional devices are connected. Optionally you can change the interior beyond recognition, to equip it with electronic novelties from a long list, finished leather of a different color, and even attach bulky harnesses.

Dimensions pickup

Raptor, as already noted, wider than the standard pickup truck at six inches. SuperCab version of a semi cab boasts a wheelbase length of 3378 millimeters. Dimensions longer version SuperCrew – 3683 millimeters.

The ratio of the length and width of the car helps to ensure its sustainability. Yes, this can be seen by eye.

Complete set of 2018-2019 Ford F-150

In the basic configuration of the two models of 2018-2019 Ford F-150 Raptor has provided the above-described set of decorative materials, electrical and electronic devices. The list of optional equipment is rich, it is not surprising. Inside, a lot of places, it is possible to put in all the achievements in the automotive industry working electronics industries together. For example, such wonders as the electronic parking brake system of a panoramic view, a whole family of safety systems and driver assistance systems.

Technical specs

Ecoboost V-shaped six-cylinder engine and 3.5 liters of the working volume of the cylinder can only be operated with the new “automatic” and then surely a ten. How else effectively transferred to all four wheels 450 horsepower and 610 Nm of torque? Announced speed – 160 km / h, this was after the hardware limitations. And 6.3 seconds for the first set of hundreds – excellent result for such a large animal, like the Raptor.

2018-2019 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew price and markets

pickup-SUV production starts with the fall of this year, sales of about the same, and they will begin with the North American market. The cost is projected in the range of 50..60 thousand dollars.

Videos 2018-2019 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew year:

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