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2018-2019 Fiat Toro – the debut of the new Italian pickup

The Italian brand is officially presented to the public pick-TORO. In fact, the first photos of new items were freely available hands paparazzi who long before the presentation of the concept embodied in the factory of the Brazilian Pernambuco. Now the Italians have published photos of the model 2018-2019 Fiat Toro year in the top equipment from all angles.

New pick-up 2018-2019 Fiat Toro year

Design features 2018-2019 Fiat Toro

It is already clear that the car has a 3-level light lights (LED daytime running lights, fog lights and headlights). The model also contains numerous elements and stylish chrome trim – on a huge grille bumper. Toro is designed based on front-drive crossover Jeep Renegade and can not fully be called a pick-up as such, it does not have the frame structure and split axles.

2018-2019 Fiat Toro, front view

If we evaluate the Toro to the aesthetic side, then we must pay tribute to the designers. Pickup – crossover turned unformatted, stylish and beautiful. That there is only a spectacular front end that is easy to shut up for the belt of any SUV.

The body has a large wheel arches, doors with high line under the window opening, and almost an acute angle to the line of door handles. Rear impressive size with a cargo compartment having a practical leaflet with at least a comfortable handle. lighting design does not fit in the standard views, making the appearance of Toro unique and recognizable in the general stream.

The new pickup from 2018-2019 Fiat, rear view

Dimensions 2018-2019 Fiat Toro

The car turned out quite large:

  • length of 4915 mm (impressive, is not it?);
  • wheelbase of 2990 mm;
  • width of 1844 mm;
  • height of 1735;
  • ground clearance is 206 mm.

In this segment, the main competitors can be called 2018-2019 Fiat Toro of Renault Alaskan , the Toyota the Hilux , Duster Oroch .

Interior or delight than a novelty

Shop Toro accommodates 5 people including the driver. Completed interior, mainly from high-quality materials. Front panel stands lacquered inserts and trim design, panel doors and looks dignified and alludes to the fact that the pick-up – is a man’s car.

instrument panel 2018-2019 Fiat Toro

Cars can carry a maximum cargo tonne agree is a matter of respect, and to carry the goods offered in a luxurious and comfortable interior. In the most high-end versions provided Uconnect multimedia system with 5 or even 7-inch touch screen (rear-view camera, navigation, voice control and other gadgets), there is a large sunroof, sound system with amplifier and subwoofer, climate – control with the distribution to the front and rear, leather interior.

rear row of seats 2018-2019 Fiat pickup

Like any self-respecting company, 2018-2019 Fiat equips pickup 16 – 18 E steel wheels, parking assistant, DAE (power steering), airbags (the number depends on the version), multi-function steering wheel with a start height and depth, respectively. Under the order of panoramic roof provides a managed type, driver’s seat electronic actuator. Electronic gadgets sensors (light, rain, tire pressure, etc.) And other helpers for Off – Road.

Specifications 2018-2019 Fiat Toro

Tiro will have on the hood a 1.8-liter 16-valve 1.8 E-TorqFlex capacity of 138 hp, torque of 185 Nm and a 2-liter Multijet diesel engine capacity of 180 hp, with torque of 350 Nm.

2018-2019 Fiat Toro engine

The petrol version can use 2 kinds of fuel – gasoline and ethanol. Equipped with a 6-speed automatic.
Diesel also has a 6-speed transmission, but mechanical, but can be equipped with automatic transmission and 9. As an additional option is available all-wheel drive system in the normal version Toro has front-wheel drive.

2018-2019 Fiat Toro price trends

Unfortunately, the supply of cars to Russia and Europe is not even planned in the near future. Toro harvested in Brazil, actually in Latin America and it will appear in the first place. In the domestic market in Brazil the price tag set to 76,500 reais for the basic version of a minimum configuration, in recalculation on human (Russian rubles and dollars), the price starts from 1,460,000 rubles and $ 20,000, respectively. Sales will begin in February .
However, our compatriots will be available yet, like pick-up from the Italian brand – it will be a Fullback. In this model, there is a drawback, to everyone’s disappointment that only 2018-2019 Fiat copied correctly pickup Mitsubishi L200 fifth generation.

Video test 2018-2019 Fiat Toro year:

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